Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hong Kong Warhammer 40k Campaign Day

Hey guys, this week has been a blast. One of my really good buddies Ray AKA enrgie was in town and we had a blast at the wine bar. Ray and I had plenty fun psycho-analyzing a group of very pleasant ladies while also catching up with our gaming hobbies.

Not to digress too far from warhammer, I've been putting up WIPs frantically with my space wolves army this past month. The reason for this was a few of the guys who play at Fun Atelier in HK were nice enough to organize a campaign day today. In a nutshell, I present to you "Best Painted Army" award...

I feel this is our blog's award as I have learned so much and picked up bits and pieces from reading all the different contributor's painting styles. I hope this award will serve as an encouragement to you all to stick with this hobby through thick and thin. I will be posting up pics from today's games as well as my army lists later.


  1. Hey congrats on the award!

    Thats a very nice plaque with artword from BA codex and in full colour!

  2. Your bribe worked~! Haha I kid.

    It really is encouraging to see those of the blog doing well in real life too! Both painting, modelling and gaming. Keep it up and keep learning from each other!

  3. Just wondering where can you buy warhammer 40k stuff in HK?

    Thanks :)



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