Monday, July 4, 2011

Space Wolves: Paint Style Variation


  1. I think that's about the same color "blue" that mine are coming out as.

    I think they look excellent!

  2. You've been active! This is awesome work dood! How have you varied the scheme?

  3. My Space wolves army has been a learning curve for me. I owe a lot of my painting style to this evolutionary process if you will. The terminator in red helmet was done completely without washes and the highlights were very extreme to help cut corners.
    The thunderwolf mount utilized a much more complex layering effect for the wolf furs since so much of the model was fur textured. Devlan mud & Bedab black washes were also extensively used.
    The grey hunter model is my speed painting way of getting the majority of my troops on the table in a presentable manner. Of course when the model is painted by yourself, you know all the in’s & out’s of it. I plan on updating my entire force into a somewhat above table-top standard gradually.
    We recently had our painting competition at our local store this past weekend. I was baited by the staff to enter models into the challenge. I was firm not to as I feel my works are not at competition level. If anything, I hope my blog entries will inspire others build & paint their armies to a reasonable level in the shortest time possible.



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