Friday, May 20, 2011

How I made 15 cheap Meltaguns - Conversion How To

Well I needed 15 meltaguns for my Necro 8th Mechanized Guardsman army, and we all know how hard (and expensive!) meltaguns are! So rather than scratch my head wondering how I was able to find (and afford) 15 meltaguns I decided to scratch build my own.
First I took the many flamers found on the Cadian Sprue and cut it up as seen here.
Next I got some strip styrene from my local art shop (Art Friend in Singapore) for about $4.
I then cut them to approx 0.7cm in length, I used an actual Meltagun model for measurement.
*notice the size labelled on the packaging should you want to do the same as me.
After that I filed both ends to ensure a flat surface for a good fit.
Here's how it looks after glueing!
p.s I missed photographing a step after this, which was to drill out the end of the meltagun barrel.

A comparison shot next to a metal "original" cadian Meltagunner!!

-Those who want more Melta's go make your own!


  1. very good, you draw the exhaust on the scratch build barrel?

  2. Sweet, nice and simple. Great job.

  3. Yep just a few careful and strategically placed black lines to finish it off.

  4. Haha I like it!
    I feel for Guard players bitz-wise, they need so many meltas...



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