Tuesday, May 3, 2011

As we proceed, to give you what you need....

This is the preview only. We're in the last stages of finalizing design details to give you a truly high quality carrying system for your favorite minis.


  1. Ah, the army case my cousin (enrgie) was talking about....

    Roughly what are the dimensions of the case? Seems big enough to roughly fit six rhinos on one side, but might need shallower slots for infantry, because at this rate it looks like only 24 Terminators ><

  2. you can have up to 4 layers of rhinos, terminators slots are sized to fit the varying poses which can be assembled from the plastic kits as well as the metal models without bending or over stressing the bits.

  3. Awesome! Great to see this coming along in finished product. Let me know when I can start showcasing this product to potential buyers.

  4. YES! can have "shapes" that fit DE raiders or storm ravens etc?



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