Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Batrep: 1750 Tyranids vs Blood Angels

Played a game with Alvin yesterday. It was a 1750 point game in preparation for SporeCon 2011 so we played one of the mission "Get to the Trees". More information can found here:

This build is based on my Tyrant and his buddy of 3 Guard + Prime. They would form the anchor for my force while the other bits of the army keeps behind this wave of pain. Termagants provide cover for my Guard while moving up. Tervigon keep generating Gants. However, like all plans, they crumble when they hit the enemy.

Side note: I need to open and build those 2 boxes of Gants. 

As you can see from the batrep, the mission was weird. There are basically 3 main objectives:

  1. KP: Kill half of the opponents TOTAL KP. This means killing off half of the units and you get this Victory Condition. This does not include Gants generated from Tervigons
  2. Objectives: You need to capture as many as you can
  3. Table halves: You need to be in your opponents deployment zone
Players be aware of this. I was swamped by the number of things I had to accomplish and Tyranids have to stay together. For this mission, I reckon I will try to draw for the Objectives and score for KP and Table Halves. 

On to the actual game proper. As always, head on over to and do leave comments because this keeps me doing this! Also it lets me know what you like and don't like so I can improve my army and battle reports. 


  1. Cool, thanks for sharing. Those are some nice looking bugs!

  2. wings tyrant? or mycetic spore the tyrant right into opponent deployment zone hahaha.

    Zoanthrope did nothing the entire game? maybe should have suicide spore into deployment zone and hope to eat some armour LOL

  3. Heres a few thoughts I wanted to share with BA players, I'm no expert but I do try to put up a hell of a fight.

    1. With BA, since units cost a little bit more for us, its crucial to only take what you need and only what fuctions well with your army. I've noticed that BA tactical squads do not perform anywhere near as well as assault squads. BA assault squads can be buffed up by many of their HQ and elite choices whereas the tactical squads are no where near as aggressive as assault squads can be.

    2. BA are not meant to be stuck in prolonged firefights. Not that they can't, but they are better up in someone's face. Better kill your foe with 1 overwhelming strike rather than sit there and exchange casualties. Ask yourself how can you kill your enemy faster than they can kill you? Cuz if you can do this, nothing else will matter.

    3. Use death co. against nids. Lets face it, chances are you'll be outnumbered if you play against nids. death co. are hard to kill, on the charge they are amazing. If you can throw in lemartes, even better. People are probably thinking "oh they can be kited away, blah blah blah" But heres the thing, if you're outnumbered, it also means your enemie's models are more frequent and closer together. This can make a very tasty piece meal for the death co. Keep in mind, some smaller nids need synapse. If you can kill off their big brothers, you can basically island hop and butcher small bugs without much to worry about.

  4. To stress my point further, I still think space wolves are the emperor's weapon of choice. Thats why we're the executioner legion (citing prospero burns) Space wolves are so flexible in both function and point costs. Sorry ray, ur my nigga but I find so much amusement killing outnumbering armies. Really helps with critical thinking when you gotta target prioritize to stay 3 steps ahead. Other wise those bugs WILL get you! hahahaha

  5. I'll probably twink the list a bit more... I need those dozerblades >_<

    @ j-hova: I agree that BA should be offensive generally, but this armylist is pretty offensive. It's just full mech. I have my spearhead and support elements in my build. The army list can be found on my blog ( and if you can break it down, I have 4 units of troop in transport(empty-hand tactic) pushing mid-field supported by 5 Dreadnoughts and 2 Landspeeders. 2 unit of troop in my deployment to secure my objective, shooting missile launchers every turn. That's the plan anyways. :D

    The mission does force me to adjust and messed my plans. I had plan A after both of us deployed, middle of the game, force to plan B. Plan C before the game goes to turn 5.

    Think Ray and I both suffered from this. haha. Good learning experience prior to the tournament.

    If Ray had continue to push the Death-star unit into my objective & deployment zone, it's probably game over for me. Atlas, around turn 4 they turn around and went after my units thats pushing into his deployment zone.

    Totally agree that SW can do everything better but atlas, I don't like their style (all that beards, wolfie tails, fangs etc).

  6. I am concerned about your Tyranid list, and some questions to think about together.

    1) what did your Tyrant group contribute?

    2) Reserving Zoans with their 3+ invuln (and short range) wasted a few turns of moving+shooting

    3)How did the rest of your army synergise with your Tyrant group, and vice versa?

    4)Having a deathstar unit makes it difficult to react to Grimcon (e.g., you turned back on Turn 4). How do you plan to remedy this? In terms of list and/or strategy?

  7. Maybe a small suggestion.

    Instead of a mega deathstar, how about two mini deathstars?

  8. I like this discussion.

    Yes, the Deathstar unit's biggest weakness at the moment is speed. It does not have the ability to really react to an enemy. Deployment really is key here. Both pros and cons since I have to depend heavily on my plan and stick to it. This batrep really drove the point home since Alvin mentioned that I just had to stick to my plans and just go for his deployment zone, I would have taken the game from him.

    I did toy wi the idea of having two Prime's instead, each in the brood of Hive Guard as a firebase and melee unit. This will be ably supported by another unit of Hive Guard at the back (total are 3 HG units).

    Your points have helped me to put on my thinking hat again. Thanks Krom!

    1. Tyrant group managed to channel Alvin's BA into my flank. In hindsight I should have kept my Deathstar in the middle so I can dictate the flow of the battle more.

    2. Agreed. Zoans should be used more aggressively. On hindsight, I should have deployed them in the open (1st turn was mine anyway) and ran them up for the first 2 turns). I may be replacing them with more Hive Guard which cost a BOMB!

    3. Synergies are few. The Deathstar is meant to do the heavy lifting and the others are meant to draw the enemy away.

    4. I will think on this. Certainly something worth mulling over.

  9. I was thinking, if you want to field the Tyrant do give it shooting weapons as it's basic profile stats is already a terror in CC. 12 str6 shots is scary. :D

    As it is, I will just ignore the deathstar unit. Where the Deathstar is, is where I will not be, simply put.

    Having more Hive Guards is really the better choice.

  10. Like to add, my shooting priority against Tyranids will generally be like this most of the time.
    1) Tervigon
    2) Hive Guard
    3) Whatever is exposing itself (not getting cover saves)



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