Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blood Angels Assault Squads: finding an acceptable table-top standard

This previous long weekend was great, got a game with an old buddy to test my BA’s mettle again. Surprisingly the vanguard veterans performed better than previous times (failed heroic intervention, Ethrion took the pleasure of placing them at bumble fxxk no-where). This recent game got me to pick up my pace in finishing up some assault and vanguard squads.
All in all, the difficulty in the process of painting these guys is finding and arriving at an acceptable level of table-top quality. Blood angels are much simpler to paint than Spacewolves, the hardest part is find a balance between the amount of time spent on each model vs. the quality level.
These guys roughly take around an hour each not including drying time. Airbrushing certainly helps shorten things up. Panel lines were done with .1mm drafting pens. All those lectures on line weight in architecture school finally served me some purpose!


  1. These are very good and certainly much better than just "tabletop standard". I would prefer abit more subtle edge highlights but overall it's a very neat paintjob :)

  2. honestly, my honest honest opinion, I'm not happy with my table top standard. What you said is correct, the edging highlights are too sharp. I didn't get to spend as much time on these as I would like. I'm gonna try washing all of these with some baal red to bring the contrast together... my lazyboy attempt!

  3. I like these. They are definitely better than your average table top gaming standard. Nice work!

  4. yes better than average table top gaming standard.



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