Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kill Team 2v2

After we finished the Month End Show and Tell, a majority of the boyz broke off to play some good old Kill Team. YC, Marshall, Mark and myself decided to slug it out. It was a 2v2 with Kill Teams. 

Marshall and myself would form the Red Alliance while YC and Mark would form Team Lime (YC's army is yellow while Mark was playing Greenskins). 4x4 table, we rolled and got the 1st Mission from the book. It was a race to get the objectives. 

Deployed and ready to engage

Mandatory Crotch Shot. Lime deployment

The Blood Angels advance while the brave Guardsmen hang back

A sea of red

The Limes advance under the cover of the buildings

2 objectives were in Lime's zone so we had to push forward, the BA taking the brunt of the firepower

Manny tanked 10 wounds and made all his saves. A true hero

Leaving only Brother Fazio to guard the right flank

That pesky Gretchin eventually shot Manny down

With the Blood Angels down, the Guardsmen now had to advance

Under punishing shots, the Lime Alliance fell

This Gretchin had glorious luck surviving shots after shots. It was only a powerful charge by Sergeant Bruce that killed him

The Red Alliance managed to wipe the table and took the game home. Ouch
Now that Month 1 is over, the true games will begin as players start to escalate and add units to their armies. To make it more interesting, each player can supplement their armies from their existing collections as long as they are able to complete their 250 points pledge at the end of Month 2.This will be an interesting time! 

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