Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Slowburn League: Show and Tell (proxy)

I know that Kim Jong Ray the Not So Great dislikes proxying, so I thought I'd proxouty a show and tell fluff piece in place of the Show & Tell, just to stick it to him :) Matches my army choice of the Clowns with an Evil Sense of Humour.

Month 1 Army List (250 pts)

1 x Troupe Master
2 x Skyweaver Jet bikes
5 x Players

The Beginnings of the Masque of the Third Act

The players of the Frozen Stars formed a ring around the arena of the  Black Library, their soft whispering a deafening indictment of their brothers and sisters on trial before them. In turn, their council of leaders looked down at the 10 souls that stood before a flickering golden fire from their seats. The 10 members of the Troupe were on trial for one thing, an unthinkable crime for the rest of the Masque. They stood accused of keeping their links to their old life, their emotions, their families, their loves. It was an onerous oath to make, being a Harlequin, and it had never sat well with the 10 on trial.

"Do you admit your guilt, Master of the Troupe?" asked the Shadowseer that led the council.

"Yes, seer, I'm guilty. Guilty, is that what you want to hear? You accused us of breaking our vows, of betraying our oaths. You claim we bring death and destruction to our race and our cause. And because of what? Emotion? Our love for our families? You think that emotion weakens us, that the only true emotion is the mirth of The Great Jest, but in your unfeeling ways you have forgotten those whom you fight for. You forget that anger, love, change, and fear are what bind us to them, and that we need to be bound to them for us to fulfill our purpose. I wish I was the monster you think I am, for leading my Troupe into darkness, but all I have done is opened their eyes to the power that can be drawn from passion."

The Troupe Master's impassioned speech had truly silenced the hall, with only the crackle of the fire filling the void. 

"We have heard enough," intoned another Shadowseer, "it is time to pass sentence."

"Master of the Troupe of the Dark, who plays the role of the Weeping Willow, you have been accused of betraying your sacred oaths to the Harlequins, and thus Cegorach. You have been found guilty of the charges laid against you. The sentence is banishment from this Masque. You will always be a Harlequin, as will your followers, but you will never again be considered one of us. The webway will send you away immediately. Do you have any last words, Weeping Willow?"

"That will no longer be the character I play, Shadowseer. My name is ..."

The wind from the depths of the webway that banished the 10 Harlequins drowned out the Troupe Master's final response.

A Library of Darkness...

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