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Shield of Baal - Campaign Week 1 Vitria Strike

3,000 points aside, we played a 2v2 game. Each player had 1,500 points to play with. This is the first game for the Shield of Baal Campaign that I am running for Titan Games. It is a 7 week campaign that uses league rules. Two main factions each vying for Mission Points every week. Each week will award a bonus to the final week's game which is an apocalypse game. 

This week is the 1st week so we played the Vitria Strike Mission from the Shield of Baal Campaign book. 
Mission 1
The reward for the apoc game is additional reinforcements for the winning Faction. 
Imperial: 1 unit of 10 Scions (hotshot lasguns with 2 plasma guns) with Sergeant (the Kappic Eagles) mounted in Valkryie. 
Tyranids: 1 unit of 16 Genestealers with Broodlord (both work out to 285 points)

Marshall is my team mate and we both decided to use the new Hive Fleet Leviathan Force Organization which gave us both 3HQ slots but we had to bring 3 mandatory Troops. This was my list:

Hive Tyrant with TL Brainleech Devourers x3

Rippers x3 Deepstriking
Termagants with Devourers in a Tyrannocyte x20
Termagants with Fleshborers x10
Termagants with Fleshborers x10

Carnifex with TL Brainleech Devourers in Tyrannocyte x2

Marshall brought this:
Hive Tyrant with TL Brainleech Devourers x3

Rippers x3 Deepstriking
Genestealers x10 
Genestealers x10 
Hormagants x20 
Hormagants x20 

The Pale Death rolled these powers

Supreme Warlord rolled these

The Winged Shadow rolled these powers
The Imperials were a team of Grey Knights and Dark Angels. Still bamboozles me why GW would make Sisters of Battle the main protagonist in this book.

Dark Angels comprised mainly of bikes, led by Sammael and a Imperial Knight.
The Grey Knights brought two Dreadknights, a unit of Palladins and 2 units of Purifiers in Rhinos.

Most of the models are WYSIWYG so that should not pose too much a problem. I would also like to throw a shoutout to the Imperial players who put a lot of effort into getting their models all done up for this campaign.

Imperials got the first turn. Nids tried to seize but failed.

Turn 1

Imps pushed up midsection really hard

And supported them with nimble units who could grab objectives


The backfield had 2 other unit of bikes to fill up gaps in their lines

The Nids however clustered up the corner building and with the help of a Malanthrope, lurked 
Together with Night Fight, the Flyrants were saving on 2+ Cover Saves due to the Malanthrope buff and Stealth

Flooding the midfield with cheap Hormagaunts, these would form the bubble for the Flyrants

Using the Dark Angels' Homing Beacon, the Grey Knights dropped in accurately without any scatter. 

Augurs sending the Imperials their target-that nest of flappy wings

How all 40k games should look


After a round of shooting, the Nids lost a few of the Hormagaunts. 

Unfortunately for the Grey Knights, their chief suffered a Perils and lost a wound.

Bottom of Turn 1 and the Imperials managed to secure 2 VPs

Multiple objects were spotted in the skies surrounding the city. Nids sent forth their harbingers of doom

And managed to hurt a few of the Grey Knights but did not manage to slay the warlord.

The Grey Knights really tanked a lot of the shots coming out from the Flyrants-72 shots! 

The Hormagaunts surprisingly killed off a few bikes for little in return.

And managed to kill off a few Grey Knights as well

Amazing work by cheap Hormagaunts. I have just learn to respect them a little more

The Dark Angels decided to break using their Hit and Run, opening the Hormagaunts to shooting in Turn 2
The Tyranids did not manage to secure any VPs

Turn 2
As most of the Tyranid army was in the air, the Imperials went for the Malanthrope

Unfortunately immobilized one of their Rhino's while driving through some glass building

One of the Dreadknights shunted up to charge any of the Flyrants who may fall out of the sky

Carnage every where

Imperials manage to kill off the Malanthrope (proxy) for First Blood

In a show of good shooting, managed to wound a number of the Tyrants.

Wiping out the Terminators, the Hormagants regrouped and prepared for the next assault
The Imperials score another 2VPs with First Blood for a total of 5VPs.

Out of the skies drop a Tyrannocyte containing 20 Gants with Devourers

While the other Tyrannocyte dropped behind the Rhino and out pops the Carnifex armed with the TL Brainleech Devourers

Out in the ruins some Genestealers reveal themselves

And in the backfield another brood show themselves

Two other Gant units walk into the battle

The Flyrants make their moves

The combined fire brought down the Grey Knight unit save for the Warlord.

While the Hormagaunts went in for the Purifiers
Tyranids managed to secure 3 VPs

Turn 3
The Grey Knight Warlord heroically defies the Tyranids and walks closer to the Flyrant Warlord

The bikes redeployed to tackle the Genestealers

Carnage from the skies

The Imperials succeed in taking out the Tyranid Warlord for Slay the Warlord
Imperials score 3VP for a total of 8VPs

Flyrants take to the skies again while the Devourer Gants went in for the Warlord

And managed to kill him off for Slay the Warlord

While the Carnifex charges into the Dreadknight

Bottom of 3rd. Nids managed to secure 4VPs for a total of 7 VPs
Unfortunately both the Imperial players had run out of time and had to run off. We did some theorycrafting and concluded that since we can't really finish the game, we agreed to call it a draw thus earning both factions 3 Mission Points for the campaign.

Hope you guys enjoyed the batrep. I am going to work on painting more of my stuff so that the next battle will look better. 

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