Monday, December 22, 2014

Shield of Baal - Week 3 Highlights

Week 3 has come to a close and as Christmas fast approaches, games are going to get erratic owing to holidays and family dinners. Nonetheless, it was a good week with some interesting twists. Unfortunately this week for some reason, the pict feeds have been caught by Jokaero clogging up the tubes.

Here are some highlights from the week.

+++pic feed disrupted+++

Corporal Alan twisted his fur coat about him, loosening the harness that kept his comms alive. All he knew was that he needed to hold his city at all cost. At the fringe of dusk, the Hivemind sent forth its latest spawn, Jason the Ripper to steal the city from under the Vostroyans. Corporal Alan mustered his forces and managed to hold the city, just. The Ripper slinked back into the slave ships to divulge lessons learnt. 

Jason vs Alan: 1,500 points, Imperial victory

Pat vs Ray
Brother Captain Pat arrives in system with the Mantis Chapter and immediately makes planetfall with a Imperial Knight in tow. Throwing caution to the wind, the Mantis Chapter went for the gullet to try to blunt Hivemind Razor Ray; ignoring Imperial commands to secure the city. Cleansing the city, Brother Captain Pat again proves his tactical acumen. 

+++Full batrep over here+++

Patrick vs Ray: 1,850 points, Imperial victory

Stephen vs Marshall
Muster the Ravenwing! We ride for Asphodex. We ride for Azrael! 

As the Ravenwing crossed the ruined city west of Asphodex, the Beast of Lysios, Marshall attacked. This time it seemed that the Beast totally ignored warning impulses from the Hivemind and spawned its own Harridan. Azrael with the might of an Imperial Knight pushed the horde back to snatch victory over the Beast. 

Stephen vs Marshall: 2,000 points, Imperial victory

Ray vs YC
Hunger. Prey. Consume. ATTACK!

With single minded frenzy, the swarms of Hivemind Razor Ray descend on the west section of the city of Asphodex. Ignoring the heavy caliber guns pointed to skies, The Razor sent forward 3 of its Flyrants to engage and destroy all heavy resistance that Brother Captain YC sent forward. Even the Machine Spirit could not keep the hunger at bay. Consuming heartily, it was the first victory for the Tyranids this week and it was sweet. 

YC vs Ray: 1,850 points, Tyranid victory

++Full batrep over here+++

Defeng vs Marshall
Sky Captain Tet Hong reported to the skyshield landing pad at 0800 hours. Fully suited up, he was briefed the mission. With the skies protected by Imperial guns, this should be an easy mission. Scour and clean. Taking off, what he did not expect was the Beast of Lysios Marshall would send his Living Artillery to engage the ground forces. Calling in reinforcements, the Imperials dropped in another Imperial Knight to assist in taking over the lower cities of Asphodex. It was a close close fight with many lives lost. However, it all paid off as the Imperial forces managed to remove the Tyranid infestation on the ground, securing the Imperials the city of Asphodex

Tet Hong vs Marshall: 1,850 points, Imperial victory

++Full batrep over here++

With this last struggle, the Imperials have totally won back a planet within the Baal System. Securing Asphodex is critical in their plans as this allow more resources to be channelled during the Apocalypse.

The Imperials have secured for themselves an additional 400 points of reinforcements from the Troops section for the Apocalypse game in Week 7.

Week 3 Results
The Imperials have resorted to their heaviest hitter, the Imperial Knight. The Hiveminds are aware of this strategy and have evolved solutions to counter it. This week, the fight takes to the skies as Aeros becomes the next hotly contested planet in the system. 

The reward for winning Week 4: The Skywar of Aeros is:
The fighter aces from the Skywar has returned. Winning Faction gains either a duo of Valkryies or duo of Harpies

Play hard and fight fair! 

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