Monday, December 15, 2014

Shield of Baal - Week 2 Conclusion

The 2nd week of the campaign has just concluded and the results are in. For those following, this is the mission that GW gave us in the Shield of Baal Leviathan book. 

Lysios was the first planet in the Cryptus System to feel the full weight of the Tyranid invasion. Lysios is a desolate wilderness, its lands and cities scoured by a slow-moving tidal wave of water and debris. The inhabitants lived in huge crawler hulks, constantly moving to keep ahead of the perpetual tsunami. When the Tyranids struck, the crawler hulks were drawn up into a defensive corral, protected from the Tyranids by the Warriors of the Imperium.

Will the Imperials hold this world or will it succumb to the insatiable appetite of the Tyranids?

What each player is playing for: An additional Strategic Asset for the winning Faction during the Apocalypse on Cryptus following all rules for Selecting Strategic Assets (pg 30 of the Apocalypse Book)

With such rewards on the line, it was a full out fight for survival in the final game!

Having lost the planet of Vitria to the ravaging hunger of the combined might of the Hivefleets, the Imperial started gathering their intelligence on this foe. Meanwhile, the Hivemind keeps learning and evolving to tackle it's varied foes.

Imperial Fists hold out as long as they can
A scouting force led by Brother Captain Teck Choon was ambushed by a scouting swarm controlled by Lim Liang. Unused to low ammo count, the Imperial Fists suffered when their ammo belts and feeds ran dry.

The Hivemind feasts. 

Having not received any vox telecast from the Imperials Fists, Wolf Lord Wei Jia sent out a rescue party seeking to understand what had happened to his brothers only to find a massive horde waiting in ambush led by Jason the Ripper. Although ammunition was limited in supply, the Wolves were unable to hold back the onslaught of the swarm.

The Hivemind adapts.

The Vostroyans now had little contact from Imperial High Command. Both the Wolves and Fists were not responding, leaving First Born Alan Maybury to lead the defense of the Shield Walls on his own. The Shadows of the Warp working overtime to keep Imperial communications stunted. Without warning a ground force broke out and began rushing the Vostroyans. The Beast of Lysios Marshall destroys them to the man.

The Hivemind dominates 

From the Battlebarge Fists of Tampines, Brother Captain You Cai calls on the Adeptus Assassinorum for assistance and receives help in the form of a powerful Culexus. Even then, the concerted will of The Shadow of Rico blocks out the Astronomicon and rains down hell on Clan Raukaan.

The Hivemind disrupts

And at the same time, Commissar Defeng holds his force against a rain of monstrous creatures sent forth by Hivemind Raymond. Driving himself into a corner, the Commisar fought with every ounce of energy only to finally succumb to a hail of Brainleech Devourers.

The Hivemind invades

It is said that in the darkest hour, you will find the brightest star. Imperial Knight Castellan Stephen Sands brought not one, but three Imperial Knights to slow the unstoppable wave that was the Beast of Lysios, Marshall Sim. With a wall of steel, the Knights became a bastion of hope for the Imperials. as they loaded their escape vessels for roughly a third of the population. The war was lost although the battle was won.

Suffer not the alien

As the final ships leave high orbit, Grey Knight Tee Jin held the Beast of Lysios Marshall Sim in check only to realise that the Hivemind will stop at nothing to get its precious meal.

The Hivemind destroys

Under the hooves and claw of the Hivemind, the planet of Lysios is overrun.

Final Mission Point Tally for Week 2

The Tyranids have taken this week by storm and will secure themselves an additional Strategic Asset during the Apocalypse on Cryptus following all rules for Selecting Strategic Assets (pg 30 of the Apocalypse Book).

The Imperial forces have lost 2 weeks in a row now and have recently acquired a new found communication device which circumnavigates the Shadows of the Warp. Brother Captain Stephen Sands now lead the reeling Imperials in the defence of Asphodex.

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