Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Deathstorm - An Overview

Pre-ordered this the moment I knew it contained Tyranids and Blood Angels. Those Following the blog would be aware that I got the Space Hulk when it was re-released this 2014. This meant the start of a small contingent of Blood Angels who are steep in lore and history. Each model has a name and a backstory, making it an excellent differentiator from my xenos who seldom had names. 

Great box art
I am glad I purchased it. The Blood Angels will continue to build on the strong narrative driven force from the Space Hulk collection. Captain Karlaen and his strike force will now rendezvous with Sergeant Lorenzo and the other 1st Company Terminators to make it into my Blood Angels collection.

Two exclusive characters found in the box include the Spawn of Cryptus and Captain Karlaen

Handy small sized rulebook which I may sell off. Anyone wanna make me an offer? 

The Space Marine sprues

The Tyranid sprues
I am not too familiar with the Marines sprue so can't really compare with older sprues. However they are all complete kits (i.e. what you would get if you bought them separately). The same applies to the Tyranids so you will get all the extra parts. For example, I have not purchased the new Tyranid Warriors so this box set is perfect.

Worth noting too that the models in this boxset have special rules which are covered in the Deathstorm supplement. They are quite powerful too. I will probably magnetize the Warriors, Carnifex and Dreadnought.

Base comparison
The dreaded base size change. When I first read it I was perplexed and angry.I still am kinda. I would not be one of the Space Marine players who would be almost forced into re-basing their entire collection or suffer inconsistency across their collection. The one from the left is the new Fex base, Spawn base, Dreadnought, Warrior, Assault Marine and Genestealer. As you can see the 32mm is remarkably larger than the 25mm. This may cause issues in the competitive scene.

The prized miniatures
The two above area really nice and I am glad that GW made them. Really nice kits.

One thing struck me was the Campaign Supplement - a thin 30 odd page book. It has all the dataslates for the models in this boxset. The downside is that it contains the 2nd part to the Shield of Baal campaign, continuing the story from where the Shield of Baal: Leviathan left off. Really sly of GW to force people to buy this set to complete the collection.

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