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Shield of Baal - Week 1 Results for the Vitria Strike

I am running a modified campaign for the Shield of Baal at my LGS. As there are few players who actually have Sisters of Battle, I have swapped them out for Imperials which include Astra Militarum, Astartes, Sororitas, Inquisition, Grey Knights and all Space Marine Chapters.

Following closely on the heels of the fluff, I have included rewards which will help the final battle on Week 7. Each week tallies nicely with one of the 6 mission included in the Shield of Baal rulebook. 

Week 1: The Vitria Strike
The first inkling the Imperium has of the doom engulfing the Cryptus System comes on the planet of Vitria. Amidst a labyrinth of buildings made from hardened glass, the warriors of the Militarum Tempestus are forced to battle their way past a series of ferocious ambushes before they are finally able to learn the true target of the Tyranid invaders.

What you are playing for:
Additional reinforcements for the winning Faction.

Imperial: 1 unit of 10 Scions (hotshot lasguns with 2 plasma guns) with Sergeant (the Kappic Eagles) mounted in Valkryie.

Tyranids: 1 unit of 16 Genestealers with Broodlord
The Results for Week 1:

The struggle for Vitria started with a massive invasion force led by Hiveminds Marshall Sim and Raymond Tan pushing into territory held by an Imperial Force comprising Grey Knights Tee Jin Heng and Dark AngelsStephen Sands. Vitria was relatively unscathed during the early parts of the invasion as a flock of Flyrants descended from the skies only to be torn apart by the Imperial guns. The fight ended up quite the stalemate as both parties were unable to gain territorial advantage.

Joint task force of Grey Knights and Dark Angels take on the might of the Hivemind

The Vostroyans Alan Maybury didn't have much luck on the Western Front. Hivemind Marshall Sim pushed with another flight of Crones, Flyrants and Harpies. The Hivemind managed to push the brave Imperial Guardsmen off the city to infest it with digestion pools.

Flight of Crones and Harpies
Just as the air cleared, the Iron Hands Zhou Youcai dropped in to contest Vitria from Hivemind Toy Painters. The fight was going well for the Iron Hands as they claimed building after building, objective after objective. But the Hivemind is not pleased. It sent in it's hard hitting units and the Iron Hands had to make a tactical retreat before being wiped to the man.

The might of the Iron Hands gained early advantage but the Tyranids' numbers held out

The Dark Angels are a vengeful Chapter. Not pleased with the earlier results in the week, the Supreme Grand Master dispatches Alvin Siwei Wong to command a strike force and manages to capture the Central Square from Hivemind Toy Painters.

Revenge is often best served cold

Denied of his prey, the Hivemind sends its Flyrant Lim Liang to stalk its next victim in the Lower Quarters. Going full pelt, he goes for the throat and takes out a Space Wolf scouting force.

Consume the prey

With most of the territories in control, the Hivemind sends down it's feeder organisms to siphon Vitria's resources. The Imperials seeing little choice make a tactical retreat into the inner system, most of the forces converging at Lysios.

The Hivemind is hungry.

Imperials: 9 Mission Points
Tyranids: 12 Mission Points

Vitria has fallen.

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