Tuesday, December 23, 2014

White Dwarf Issue 47 with Free Cities of Death Objective Cards

The cover for WD47
Hope you guys are having a great Christmas week! 

Just picked up my copy of WD47 specifically for the Cities of Death Objective cards. Was a little disappointed with the thickness but I am really glad I now don't have to hold onto a scrap piece of paper to note the objectives that are currently active. Really comes in handy for the Shield of Baal Campaign that I am running at Titan Games.

Centre spread with half the cards. We will be getting another 18 in WD48

A little soft for my taste. Guess I'll slip them into old Magic card sleeves
As for this week, I am unable to play the campaign as I will be leaving for my yearly trip to visit the in-laws. Will be back 5th January.

For those who stayed till the end, here's a sneak preview of WD48. Till then, Merry Christmas one and all and a very happy new year!

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