Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wave Serpent WIP

You guys would have seen the converted Wave Serpents which I have put up previously. I reapplied the basecoat to turn it white again and started working on it yesterday. Here are the results! 

I have started using an airbrush for this as I strongly believe Eldar vehicles will benefit from it a ton. It also speeds up the work! 

Panel lines added

Preshading is a new method I am using. I shaded all the panel lines. The slight purple tinge is from one pass of the airbrush with slight panel lines showing through. 

After a few layers of purple, you get this

I think I may have overdone it

After I added the highlights, I realised that the preshade was all but gone

Under strong light, I couldn't really see the preshade any more. 

So it was back to the brush for me. I preshaded all the panel lines again but took care not to overdo the purple coat. I settled for this which gave me enough of a shade. I added Badab Black wash into all panel lines. 

Blocked in the grey colours and did all the gems in red. Added a green tinge to my damaged cockpit panel

Highlighted the purple panels 

Continued to work the Holofields and Scatter Laser up to white

Added a decal on the craft to give more detail to the body as I felt it was a little empty

Added a small icon at the back to help me remember which Serpent was for which unit - this was to be the Dire Avenger Serpent hence the blue icon. 

After showing the pictures above to the ABO group, they asked me to add highlights which I think made the Serpent look better. Thanks fellas! 
And that was it. I took a large part of the day figuring out the airbrush too, namely how many PSI to use and how much paint to release per spray. I love it. If you have not tried an airbrush yet, I strongly recommend getting one. Budget about $350 for your first.

The only one problem I had after completing the Serpent above was that it looked a little different from the rest of my completed minis. Beefnuggets suggested to complete the others first. I think I will work on all the vehicles first and then worry about blending them back together.

A small selection of some of the completed units. There are clear differences between the Jetbikes and the Serpent

Guardians and Serpent difference is small

This is probably the largest as there is a reddish tinge to my jetbikes. 

While the Spiders have the same base colours, it too has a slight red tinge to the armour. 
The plan moving forward?

  1. Complete the other 2 Wave Serpent repaints similar to the above Serpent. 
  2. Redo all jetbike canopies as these are the large components. 
  3. Work on all unpainted models
  4. Go back and touch up Spiders


  1. Awesome work! Incidentally, I was looking at your blog literally right before you commented on ours. I'm also working on a purple Eldar army, so keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks! Purple is a tough color to work with so you've been warned! Keep checking back!

  2. Pink as hell, huh? Looks pretty cool. An unusual color choice.

  3. In some lights it look pink, but I guess as soon as there is some blue in it it coutns as purple...

    This really interests me as I'm slowly moving towards the same.

    1. Yeah I think it's the lighting. It's actually Warlock Purple if you have it.

  4. I've been using screamer pink, but i'm thinking of getting the vallejo warlord purple instead. are you actually using the old citadel warlock purple?

    1. I actually am using Warlord Purple from Vallejo of Game Colour.



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