Thursday, March 6, 2014

Completed House Taranis Imperial Knight.

After rushing through the first 2 days of getting my hands on this model I finally completed painting this beast of a model. Best model put out by GW till date? Maybe, I'm definitely not gonna argue with that. The details found on every single part of the model is absolutely amazing. Even parts that is no way going to be seen after assembling has sculpted detail. 

Here you can see my first completed Knight (sans the base), the Adeptus Mechanicum aligned from House Taranis. Inspired by the colour scheme and decal placement directly from the Knight companion book, I'm glad it turned out well!
I just love taking pics with a guardsmen to emphasise it's massive bulk.
I decided to go for a bare head for several reasons. First was that this looked the most "Mechanicum-like" you know the skeletal servo skull look. And honestly I dislike the rest of the faceplates as they are simply too "war machine" for my liking. Here lies the problem, I'm going to be in a dilemma when I have to build up the remaining Knights.....
Top shot of the carapace along with the wonderful transfer decals. GW really topped themselves with this decal sheet. I've never been a fan of using decals in so many years of my hobby life, but this kit literally begs the decals to be used. And spam them I did. 

These set of decals are perfectly designed to wrap around certain armour plates, eliminating the dreaded crumpling and folds normally associated with transfers. All it required was a little design magic on the part of GW and these work like a charm. In fact I'm so sold on the set of transfers that comes in the kit that I am seriously considering buying the add on!
Most people would say to go for the battle cannon. But I just can't resist the look of a massive melta.
This kit is chokeful of details.
After I was done with the mini I turned my attention to the base. Being such a large base (and such an expensive model) I decided to give the base some extra lovin'. 

I used a pencil to draft out the position of the feet. This is to keep the surface flat when it's time to glue the model down. 
I went to dig through my bit boxes and came up with lots of remains from building the cities of death. 

And here I carefully positioned my knight to be nonchalantly striding over a fallen balcony. 
All filled with rubble and sand and stones.
One knight down. Two to go. 

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