Monday, March 3, 2014

Eldar Jetbikes - WIP

Once I completed magnetizing the bases for these jetbikes [part 1][part 2], I started the completion process. One of the jetbikes was painted in the Bone theme so I started working on the other 2 jetbikes which were still less touched up. 

If you are wondering, I was painting them up in units of 3 with a Shuriken Cannon but I dropped the idea when I put together the 1850 list as their role was for capturing objectives instead of damage dealers. So the 2 less complete came from one of the batches of 3 while the other Bone chap was the remnant of another 2 (1 was converted into a Warlock on jetbike)

The 2 on the right are the ones I am currently working on

Highlighted all the gems and even added Ulthuan Grey to the helmet of the Guardian on the left. 
I will put up another post once these fellas are more complete. I will be doing a squad of jetbikes from fresh too so am planning to do a small conversion article for those interested. See you guys around! 


  1. Wait, those are not the original rkders, are they?

    1. Nope they aren't! Good catch! I swapped the bodies out with the plastic Guardians. I have also used the arm from the Dire Avenger for the shuriken pistol arm.

      I will be doing a full article to walk you thru my "conversion" process.



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