Monday, March 24, 2014

KR Multicase for Eldar

Like all gamers, I want good protection for my miniatures. After spending hours building and painting them, I want to bring them out to play and of course, not damage them on the way out. I have used KR Multicase in the past [look here and here] and have been impressed with the price vs quality of the product line. 

So I thought, why not show you guys what I have and maybe send some of you their way too (KR does not sponsor this blog and probably should). 

Bag from the outside looks like normal bag so walking into the office yield no unwanted stares

Pop open the top and nestled nicely inside the case are 2 cardboard boxes

Bag is sturdy even without the boxes

Pop them open to find your preciousssssss

These are the contents of one case

And the other case with my Serpents and Jetbikes. A really nice touch is the holes to which the stands can pop into. The Serpent stand however had to go under my tank since I based them on large stands

Pockets to hide these cards

More pockets for army lists and rulebooks

Dice and objective markers

The above miniatures you see are actually what I will be using at my game later today. It's 1850 points + extra minis (I didn't want my stuff to jiggle about so filled up the cases). 

Hope you like the mini-review. I will be doing a batrep after today's game with Marshall. 

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