Friday, April 5, 2013

WIP White Necrons. Airbrushed, Assembled & Magnetized.

I have been slow with my Necron progress due to work priorities (yeah the usual excuse....) but have picked up the pace with the recent School Holidays. I made the first step and fixed up all the Necron miniatures I bought. And decided to prime them and give them the base color of white all at one shot. It took me an entire day but it was worth it as it meant 50% of the army was technically painted. 
The first model I approached was the Monolith. This model in particular has a special place in my heart as it was the first model I built and painted when I first worked at Games Workshop many years ago. I was tasked to do up a monolith model and here I am almost 10 years on, fixing and painting up my very own Monolith for my own Necron army! 

I went for an exaggerated fade to black color for it as the huge model provided the perfect opportunity to do so. I used cardboard mailers as the masking tool and went to work!
Then I magnetized the Ghost Ark. (This model was one of the 2nd hand models I bought thus the funky paint job). I ditched the attachment via the sides into the middle of the platform and went straight onto the centre back instead.
Here you can see the magnets on the back of the Warriors.
 Everything in myArmy thus far. Assembled and Primed black.
Then I batch Airbrushed everything. Just a very basic Zenithal style of painting. 
Even the Bases where airbrushed to save valuable time.
 I decided to go with an end autumn/early winter look. I always wanted to have an army with ice bases. Biggest problem I had was that my models are predominantly white. And if I had too white a base the model would camouflage itself too nicely into the bases. While it was cool to have a good camouflage going on it was not good visually for models. 

Ideally we would want a dark base for bright miniatures and vice versa. But I wanted to achieve something in-between, so I did some research and found out that by applying just minimal snow effects on the bases it would still convey that cold icy feeling without detracting too much from the miniature itself. 
Here are the first 10 Warriors along with 10 Scarab bases only. As amidst all the frenzy of fixing and priming and airbrushing I left out the Scarab models completely! Opps..... 
My aim is too complete the army by the end of April. A huge task and challenge, but I'll try. Will need alot of motivation and encouragement to stick to my goal!



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