Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dust Warfare: 400AP 3-Way Battle

Was meant to play with Drayson yesterday to test out my 400AP list during our official Dust Night. However due to some major boo-boo, he ended going to the wrong store! LOL! He started making his way over to PIMP. Abby was there as well so we asked him to join us for a 3 way battle. 2 Germans and 1 SSU walk into the bar...oh wait, wrong story...

We played the 3 way battle where each of us had to take out the HQ unit of the player on their right while defending against the player on the left. And because I brought the largest walker, I became a big threat and for some reason, the players converged on me. Why! 

Deployment-Abby hid most of his vehicles behind buildings to keep out of range of mine. It was a really nice rock-paper-scissors situation. 

Snipers took upper floor but with Limited Visibility (16" range when targetting infantry) it was impossible to see the apes

Opening moves-Turn 1 saw SSU advancing into my quarter. SSU managed to pip off one hull point from my Konigsluther too
And then the unbelievable happened. It was Abby's turn. And the first thing he does in Turn 1 was he put all his firepower from his Fledermaus and Heinrich into Drayson's (SSU) chopper carrying the VIP unit (his HQ unit). Abby blew the chopper up and killed everyone on board. Based on the victory conditions which was Sudden Death, Abby won the game! LOL shortest game ever! And I didn't even get a turn!

After laughing ourselves to death, we decided to play on since we all had time. What follows are just 3 gamers killing each other.

Although my Fledermaus is on the ground, it's actually flying high. The stand would not prop on the slope.

Opened up on the Recon Grenadiers-gotta love these low profile shots.

Fledermaus took out Abby's Lothar

Another low angle shot

Reacted by firing into Grandma when she moved into range but did not manage to take it out

A word of advice for all German players out there: Grandma's flamer can destroy your Heavy walker. 8 damage in 1 turn of shooting! 
It was 10 o'clock and while we were having fun, we all had to go home. So we concluded on Turn 2, giving us all a taste of our 400AP lists. I managed to grab myself some foam to put these new minis in as well and will be bringing them out for the next game! I am looking forward to finishing up the models (esp the infantry because they are getting more and more difficult to tell apart). 


  1. Cool report thanks. Does the Fledermaus cannon detatch? It looks cumbersome.
    Nice looking paintjobs too!

    1. Thanks! Yes, the cannon underneath the Fledermaus does detach. I would highly suggest it if you are planning to paint it!



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