Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dust Warfare - April 2013 Tournament - Game 3 of 3

After a good game with Drayson, I was in the standing to compete for Best General, lagging behind our number one player, Azmi. That was a change of pace. Well, I thought I would just play on and have a good time. Azmi is a patient player, often planning his moves carefully. Certainly the most technical player I have come across.

This is the result of our Battle Builder:
Mission: Centre point - same as Game 2
Deployment: deploy length wise on opposite ends giving me the range advantage
Conditions: Battle Fatigue - when infantry units are in Hard Cover they do not remove Suppression tokens

This is probably the most odd game I have played due to the Battle Builder results. Another SSU list. Lots of unknowns so I will just fall into my old regime. Sit back, let them come to me. Capture at the last possible moment.

And like all plans, they change when you meet your enemy.

Azmi brought the dreaded Heavy Tank with Tesla which is perfect for killing swathes of infantry 2. Guess who has tons of Inf2? Yours sincerely. Tesla also ignores cover. Extra lovely!

So here are the highlights from the game.

Rushed my 2nd Blutzruez Platoon up the right flank so I could get into cover and a strategically stronger position as it is close to the objective (crate). Snipers and walker provided covering fire

I knew I was outclassed in firepower in the Walker category. Azmi's list is very balanced and had everything to counter my list so I chanced it and sent my Ludwig up front in my 2nd turn so that I could Sustain Fire first 

Moved as much as possible into mid-field to contest the objective

Now that I occupied the building on the right, I could start going to work on his large unit on my right flank. Meanwhile, the rest of my army hugs the centre piece of terrain. I advanced my Battle Grenadiers on the left flank with the hope of damaging his tank. They died a horrible death. 

The sheer output of shots from my infantry managed to route a big part of Azmi's army in the centre forcing him to flee. On the right flank the flamer from my HQ unit really went to town to kill off bulk of his force. Now I was left with his big tanks

I had managed to pip off 1 wound off each vehicle and destroyed most of the infantry. 

Turn 5, I moved everything out to shoot at his men and tanks. This was the finale! 
This was the closest game. Azmi got 13 points of HP within 12" of the centre. I managed to get 16 points of HP within 12" of the centre. I won by a whisker!

Awesome game but I need to find a way to deal with those heavy walkers.

So that was 1 Loss and 2 Wins! I managed to clinch the title of Best General! Woohoo!

Best General goes to me! 

Best Painted goes to Drayson

The contestants and me with my prize above my head

Managed to win $60 in vouchers so splurged it on the new Maus flyer! Truly enjoyed this event and again, thanks to everyone who participated and organised it! 


  1. Nice game! You mentioned you are contesting to win best general going into game 3, did you win it?

    1. LOL yes I did! I think I have to edit this post to make it a little more obvious!



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