Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Shield of Baal Kicks-off with Operation Deathstorm

As you guys know, the campaign will start off today. The 3 missions from Deathstorm will have cumulative results during the first 2 weeks of the campaign which will go a long way to help in the Apocalypse. 

This is the Campaign Tree:

Prelude: Deathstorm
The winning faction gained strong intel for Week 1 allowing them to look at the opposing factions' army list prior to the games in Week 1

Week 1: The Avenging Host Descends
+1 to Seize the Initiative for all games in Week 2

Week 2: Against the Hivemind
Imperial/Necrons victory: Mephiston fights in the apocalypse for free (175 points); Tyranid victory: 2 Zoanthropes and 1 Neurothrope enters apocalypse for free (175 points)

I present to you Mission 1 from Deathstorm. All models and terrain will be provided by Titan Games. They will be painted too by Golden Demon winner, Rico Chia! 

Mission for this week
A winning faction will be declared every week. Tyranids vs Imperials (i.e. only 2 Factions).

The winning Faction will be the one who wins the most number of weeks for Operation Deathstorm. This takes place between Feb 2nd-22nd only so go clock those games! There are only 3 missions so there will definitely be a defined winner.

All the best people! 

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