Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shield of Baal: Exterminatus Week 1 - Hive Fleet Leviathan vs Grey Knights 1850 Points Batrep

Managed to get another game for Week 1 and this time against YC. He brought Grey Knights which is actually the first time I am playing against this force. His force is almost WYSIWYG except for the weapon armaments on the Stormravens (both have Twin Linked Autocannons and Heavy Bolters). 

Castellan Crowe and gang
I brought the same list I played Jason yesterday. Felt that it had the staying power and could handle most situations.

Knowing that I would go 2nd, I put everything within the Ruins to get 2+ Cover (Shrouded Malanthrope and 4+ Ruins)

My Warlord Trait was to force 3 units to take Pinning checks the turn they enter which YC promptly failed due to Shadows

Except the Dreadknight which was unpinnable.

I spawned 7 Gants and JAMMED!
 I am going to need to apply some of this on my Tervigons...

A salvo left only 1 Justicar standing

Moved my Hormagants forward to hold the centre ground

Spread them out while keeping the chain close to my Malanthrope
Turn 2
YC moves his unit up to threaten the smaller gribllies 

And charges them

And simultaneously charges the other Hormagant unit

What a beautifully painted mini

His lone Terminator charged in as well

My 2nd turn saw the coming of the squad of 30 Gants

And the Toxicrene (I have begun working on this model)

While separated, the unit of Hormagants did their best to do something

And managed to kill the Terminator. They now consolidated towards the Dreadknight

The heroic last stand
Turn 3

YC's Stormravens has still not turned up leaving him very little to do. He did manage to kill off the White Gant unit earning him First Blood

I then charged my Gants into his 3 strong unit

My Warlord Flyrant came in and I angled him so that he can dart forward in the next turn when YC's Stormravens arrive

Toxicrene charged in

To do only 1 wound and dies in return. I tried to dispel his Force but failed hence my dead Toxicrene
Turn 4
We both imagined that the Flyrants and the two Stormravens were battling elsewhere somewhere high in orbit.
Finally free of the distracting Flyrant, the Stormravens arrived

In typical YC style, he rolled fantastic rolls.

My turn saw the arrival of The Shark which gunned for the Silver Raven

Taking it down and killing 9 of it's passengers. The Exocrine then shoots another 6 shots into the unit and kills off the Warlord netting me Slay the Warlord.
We were currently tied in secondary objectives. It would be the primary objectives that would determine the game for us as YC lacked anti air guns to take my Warlord down.

The combat between the Dreadknight and the Hormagants continue

Table view

Justicar on his own! 

Unfortunately being non-painted they die easily

Combat goes on
 Turn 5
YC moved his Red Raven closer to the objective after dropping its occupants off

In my turn I moved my Hive Guard up and out to attempt to take middle ground

While the two Flyrants concentrated on the unit of Grey knights close to the objective.

And killed off majority of the unit
We rolled the die and a 2 emerged. The game was over!

Leaving YC out of range at the end of Turn 5 

Just out of the 3"

Tyranids captured


Tyranids captured

It was a victory to the Tyranids.

Final score:
Tyranids: 6VP + Slay the Warlord = 7VPs
Grey Knights: First Blood = 1VP

Tyranids score another 3 Campaign Points for a total of 10 Points now! Marshall played a 2K game yesterday and won for another 4 Campaign Points. Week 1 seemed to belong to the Nids. Buahahahha *evil laugher*.

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