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Shield of Baal: Exterminatus Week 1 - Hive Fleet Leviathan vs Mephrit Dynasty 1850 Points Batrep

Week 1 of the second installment of the Shield of Baal has started at Titan Games. Heralding the beginning of the campaign, Jason and I got a game set up prior to the Lunar New Year. I brought a hardy list that would be able to hold on to the objectives especially during the last phases of the game. The scenario reminded me of the missions from 6th Edition. 

We modified this mission a little. Imperials can be represented by anything in the Imperial Faction (Space Marines of all colours, Sisters, Imperial Guard). Fighting for the Imperials from Week 1 are the Necrons. Also in this mission the Imperials are not forced to use Dante and his host. Imperials are however required to play only units with the ability to Deep Strike. 

2 Flyrants, Toxicrene in Tyrannocyte, 2 Malanthropes, Tervigon, 30 Gants, Living Artillery Formation, 3 Hive Guard, 23 Hormagants

Ctan, Necron Lord on Barge, Nightscythe, Doomscythe, 3 Destroyers, 2 Ghost Arks with Warriors, 5 Deathmarks, Immortals with Cryptek

Pushed my army back into the ruins and hugged two corners of the table to force Jason to Deep Strike either midtable or risk scattering off table.
In hindsight I should have planted an objective in the ruins above since I was planning to camp the Tervigon in there with the Malanthrope.

The other ruins I was capping
Turn 1

Jason was guaranteed Turn 1 hence I kept my two Flyrants off board together with the 30 strong unit of Termagants. All his units would Deep Strike on Turn 1 onwards.

Strangely enough all his scatters put the Necrons in the middle of the board

Unfortunately Jason rolled and scattered the Deathmarks off table so I put them in this corner
The Ctan actually took 2 wounds from the combined shooting from the Exocrine and Hive Guard. Woot!

In my Turn I charged my Hormagants into the Destroyers to tie them up and allow my Monstrous Creatures more breathing room

But did not manage any wounds. Booo
 Turn 2
Jason dropped off his Immortals and moved his Night Scythe up my right flank

View of the table

Jason actually charged his Necron Lord and Ctan in to try to free up his Destroyers
I was actually really happy he did this. By charging all into one melee allowed me to time my tarpit units and throw them in only to hold these 3 power houses all together.

The rest of my army turned up
Tradition has it that my Tervigon would jam early game and this match was no exception. Jammed but at least I got a 14 Gant brood

Jason scored First Blood for wiping out the Hormagants. I charged my black unit of Gants up to tie up his 3 uber units. I kept the big brood of 30 waiting 

And the Necrons kept chewing through my Gant unit
 Turn 3
Just two more to go! I actually would have preferred him killing them off 
Jason had also moved the Deathscythe off the table after dropping a bomb on my White Gants.
Just a shot down table in Jason's Turn 3

Toxicrene finally decided to appear. I sent him down to tackle the middle objective. The 2 Flyrants go in to support taking the Warriors out

Jason was running most of the units forward so I took every turn he gave me to shoot at them

I charged my Gants in, chancing that the game would end Turn 5 and allow me to capture while tying his unit up

The other unit of Gants went in for his 10 Warriors that spilled out from the Ghost Ark

Awesome view
Turn 4
Both flyers came in to support the middle but the lack of targets to shoot at was impeding the Necrons. Catalyst saved my Warlord 2 times. 

Unfortunately for Jason he tried to teleport his Immortals only to scatter into his own flyer. I forced them to deploy at the end of the table

Consolidation saw this combat going on forever

Swooped my Flyrants behind his DeathScythe and moved the Hive Guard up to be my insurance for capping the objective

Move my Tervigon out to support the White Gants

Still fighting

Managed to charge in

I was losing models but was it enough to save the day for the Necrons?
Turn 5
And now the Necrons seem to be gaining ground moping up my Gants

Went for his Immortals in the hope of wiping this unit out but they were really hard to kill. 3+ following by a 4++.

At the end of my Turn 5 the 3 units managed to free themselves up from the combat and consolidated closer to the objective
Have I done enough to prevent the Necrons from capping the objectives? Let's count.

Tyranids captured


Tyranids captured

Tyranids captured

Not claimed

Not claimed
Tyranids: 3x3VPs = 9VPs
Necrons: First Blood = 1VP

Win to the Tyranids! Since this was a 1850 game, I put 3 Campaign Points up on the Campaign board for the Tyranids!

When I left Marshall was just getting into a 2000 point game with Stephen. Let's see how that plays! 

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