Friday, February 13, 2015

Batrep: 2v2 Tourney Prep

Ed is preparing for the 2v2 tourney over at Titan Games and wanted to get in a few games prior to the actual event. I volunteered to help him hone his army. He plays Dark Eldar. I brought my Nids.

I was meant to participate in the 2v2 tourney too but am caught with another event planned a long time ago so had to sit this one out.

My list is pretty straight forward with 2 of each. Flyrant, Carnifex and Hormagants. All WYSISYG.
Just started working on those Hormagants
Ed brought the Venom Spam with Incubi, 2 Ravegers and 1 Razorwing.

2 proxied Venoms
We didn't know what missions will be released for the tourney so have just diced it off.

I got First Turn and took it. Ed failed to sieze.


My swarm laid out

I surge my army forward to try to take out the first Ravager but failed to damage it

But I did manage to score 3 VPs

Ed moves his Venoms up to gun for my Flyrant

Wounding the Flyrant

And scored 2 VPs
 Turn 2
I dodged my Flyrant out the table side while the Warlord moved up mid table to try to take out the Venom (Talos) for Obj4

Managed to destroy the Venom (Talos) but the Kabalite Warriors inside disembarked to contest the objective

Meanwhile the rest of the army kept moving forward to stay in Synapse and put pressure mid field

Manage to score 1VP

But Ed failed to score 
 Turn 3
I was now fully committed so went deep into Ed's zone

I targetted the Kabalites next to the destroyed Venom (Talos) and killed them

Ran the Gants up to capture

1 VP goes to Nids

Ed brings the Razorwing around to try to zap my Flyrant but failed to wound
Ed scores no Objectives

Turn 4
I managed to kill off his flyer and score 1VP

Turn 5
I managed to kill off the last Venom

Ed then goes for my Gants

Vaulting the ruins to come to grips with my Gants

But there were many more! 

Ed scores 2VP
 Turn 6
Battle field was looking very empty

But the combat in the centre carried on

I managed to score these 2 while Ed scored none
 Turn 7
Flyrants came back down to observe the battle 

The Fex finally joins the fight but failed to kill the Warlord

I scored another 2VPs

End game! 
Tyranids won by a large margin of 12VP to 4VP. I had scored First Blood and Linebreaker.

Tough fight for Ed. I think he panicked and tried to kill everything early game costing him to shoot at the wrong targets. While the Tyrants were the obvious targets, Zooming all the time meant that his Ravagers could not hit them most of the time. This allowed my Fexi to reach mid field then go to work. The Incubi did not do much as well.

I hope Ed learnt a few things about his army and familiarizes himself with their rules.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! 

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