Saturday, February 7, 2015

Deathstorm - The Prelude to the Shield of Baal Exterminatus

So the scene is set, Captain Karlaen and Squad Alpheus has a desperate mission to get out of the ambush set by the cunning Broodlord. It was a race against time. 

Ed and I arranged for the first game for the Shield of Baal Exterminatus campaign. This is a series of games that will eventually help each faction at the end game during the apocalypse. 

As this is heavily narrative driven and was designed for people new to the game, it would be the ideal platform for new players or even vets looking for a change. 

This is the story of Karlaen and his men.

Protect that Captain at all cost


Headed for cover as far as possible but some run rolls were not extremely cooperative.

Karlaen and his men brazenly charges into my lone Stealer at the vanguard

And they manage to kill the Stealer and Captain Karlaen pulled back to rejoin his men

The Stealers respond by going for the neck

Swarming the Captain

But did not manage to take the Captain down

They manage to take Flamer guy down

Sergeant Alpheus charges in to help Karlaen

While the other Terminators took up position around their leaders

Squad Alpheus and Captain Karlaen manages to kill off all the Stealers and plod forward


Stealers appear out of no where, sewer traps, rubble and ruins. 

Another one of Squad Alpheus sacrifices himself for the Captain

While the Captain advances forward with Sergeant Alpheus protecting his flank

Already half way there but more Stealers were appearing

And this time all Terminators bar one are engaged

Brother Neil died to a flurry of attacks

Finally Alpheus cops one for the Captain

This was truly desperate. 

Captain Karlaen was only 9" away from the escape zone. Ed killed off the Stealer with the blue dice. He only needed a 3+ on his run and Karlaen would make it into the safezone, netting Ed the game. Ed rolled his Run roll. He rolled a 2! Oh no! 

Two Stealers emerge from the pipes to block his exit. I only had one Stealer to charge Karlaen with. He had taken 1 wound earlier and I would need to kill him on the charge or he would kill my Stealer and consolidate into the safe zone.
I rolled 4 attacks. 3 hits!

I rolled to wound and scored 2 Rending and 1 normal wound. Ed rolls for his 4+ Invulnerable Save and promptly failed both!

I managed to kill Karlaen!

Feast on their bones! 
This was an extremely close game. It down to a few dice rolls and man it was intense. It just showed us that GW can still make games when the variables are controlled.

Head down to Titan Games to get your Week 1 Prelude games! Tyranids now lead 1-0. 

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