Friday, September 12, 2014

X-Wing with Roy and Space Hulk

Changed it up a little yesterday. Got into BB at about 1:30PM and while waiting for Roy, I worked on the paint job that I botched up previously. Also added red dots to start up the Tie Fighter engines! 

Playing Rebels instead this time. Actually sat down and created a list based on Airen Cracken. I was going for full range 1 synergy. 

Struggled to work on how to keep Biggs behind and ended losing Dutch early game. Didn't help that the Ties were scoring Hit, Crit or Hit Hit. Kept on playing but eventually could not take the punishment meted out by the Phantom.

We worked out how to keep Biggs away from the fight and still keep him within range 3 of all enemies while moving in formation. I ended up with the diamond formation.

2nd game with the same build but flown differently. This time it worked. Biggs at the edge of the formation allowed me to move him at a pace that allowed the other ships to move after him while keeping within range 1. Managed to win this game owing to some ionizing goodness of the Y Wing. 

Vick suggested some changes to my list when he arrived. He suggested I drop Airen as there was little else this list needed in actions. Garven was feeding focus while Dutch was feeding Target Locks. Swapping to a Bandit gave me a good Assault Missile caddy.

We squeezed in another game prior to dinner. Roy switched up his list to all named characters and attacked from all angles. I managed to take out Backstabber and damaged his Phantom. Unfortunately we ran out of time and could not conclude the game. 
Not bad for a list I created on the fly. Synergy was there.

At the same time I found a post regarding the re-released Space Hulk. I collect Tyranids and missed out on the last Space Hulk launch. I was going to get my hands on this set. Here are some nice leaks.

Sorry for the lower resolution but man they look sweet. Looking forward to playing some games with this set. Scalpers I LOL at you. 

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