Tuesday, September 16, 2014

X-Wing: PI League and Marshall 40K

The PI X-Wing league has started so I headed down to PI yesterday to get in a few games. Dale who works at the store gave me 2 solid and close games! I brought a variant of my Phantom + mini swarm for my first game. Dale brought Chewy, Airen and a Red Squadron. 
I lost my Phantom early due to a bad call by flying between two asteroids, hemming me in from Turn 2 onwards. Dale quickly took Whisper out. Surprisingly, my Alphas managed to down Chewy and even took out Airen and the X Wing. Amazing show and all within the hour. 

1st game with Dale

We changed up our lists and I brought a fun list for the 2nd game and Dale brought the Three Amigos comprising Luke + R2, Wedge and Biggs.

I split my two ships apart and was trying to flank
The concept was to flank with Han and dance a little with Corran. Didn't quite work out and I lost Corran faster than you could spell Chewy's full name. Amazingly though, Han managed to kill all 3 X Wings on his own. Wow...

Final game of the day was with Leck Koon who was practicing for the Malaysian Nationals which is coming in 2 weeks. He will be travelling north. Leck Koon is a regular tournament winner at our local stores and stand a good chance placing well at this tournament.

I told him that I would bring a strong list so I brought this:
I used it at our last local tourney and it was flexible enough to take any lists. Also, I expect Chewy to be at the Malaysian Nationals together with 3P0. With the MF title card, this ship can really tank, forcing my opponents to make tough choices.
I didn't want to go directly against the swarm so started gunning for his Whisper

But at the last moment decided that I can support my ship by facing the swarm anyway since they would not be focusing on Chewy early game due to the FCS B Wing. 
I managed to pull a victory here as well when Leck Koon flew his Phantom into an asteroid leaving him without a cloaking token. Ouch.

Meanwhile, over at Titan Games, Marshall was having a 40k game with a friend:

Space Wolves vs Tyranids

Gotta love the well painted stuff!

See you guys soon!

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