Wednesday, September 3, 2014

X-Wing Practice with Video

Played 2 games of X-Wing today with Dale of PI.

I thought I change things up a little by tracking my games so I brought my trusty GoPro to film my game (wider camera angle than my regular point and shoot). I was initially hoping to film both games but the battery ran out after 1 hour!

I played the first game which was recorded using list: 
I don't know why my camera split this into 2 videos but here they are. Apologies for the cloudy ending, the fogginess was due to the moisture trapped inside the camera. I have taken steps to ensure this never happens again. As for the audio, I was thinking that it would be secondary to the actual feed since I was hoping to show you guys the actual flow of the game.

Played the second game with a modified version of the first list:
Midway through the 2nd game with Dale
Didn't manage to take a video of this match. Unfortunately I lost Whisper early game due to a hyper aggressive move pushing myself too far in front which ended up with a bump and losing Whisper's ability to take actions. Thankfully though the Delta's manage to dog-fight my way to a win, taking out the Tarn Mison while the A-Wing kept dancing out of range. To be fair, I was in a rush so we could only play 30 minutes of the game but this list proved that it was hypothetically possible to play 2 Defenders in a list. That white K-turn while predictable is powerful.

Hope you guys are enjoying your week! 

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