Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Space Hulk - 4 Times Lucky

After waiting for 5 years for the return of Space Hulk, GW finally releases it again. I missed the 2009 launch when I was back in Hong Kong and was caught up in Fantasy back then. Fast forward to today, I managed to snag one. I love the models in this box and while it was expensive, S$140 for the set, the quality is top notch. The tiles and tokens are all printed on embossed hardboard which are thick! 

The Terminators are beautiful and very detailed. I do plan to base them up on 25mm bases (while this will mean they are useless in 40k, the board itself favours the smaller base size) and mark their forward and backward facing, making it easier to play. I am currently using my Genestealers from my 40k army until I finish painting the ones from the box set up. 

First new mission from the book, Beachhead. Uses the new Boarding Torpedoes making each game slightly different as you enter from different points of the Space Hulk

Spent about 2 hours cleaning and putting them together while the wife helped me with the board

First game saw the wife taking control of the Marines and I played the Stealers. 
The game was an uphill battle for the Marines from the get go. Needing to get into the control room at the back end of the board meant that they needed to advance quickly while still being cautious. Did not help that we forgot about the Command Actions during the game.

The Heavy Flamer is really powerful in getting rid of swathes of enemies in the sections (2+ to kill anything in that section)

Surrounding the Captain was initially a good idea until you find out that he is actually a melee beast! 
We played this game 3 times before we finally got all the rules down. Command actions can and will win you games. Marine players remember to use it. Covering lanes with Overwatch is important. Advance in T Formation where possible. Remember that your Storm Bolters will jam so always keep 1 Command Action around. Each Move Action grants the Marine player a free Storm Bolter attack - use it to open up doors from a distance and then pump bullets prior to breaching the room.

We did not use the timer in the games as we were still getting used to the rules.

This is a tough game for the Marines but with tactical planning, you can win.

My wife won yesterday after playing 4 times! 

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