Monday, September 29, 2014

X Wing Tournament Report - GREX September 2014

After much flying about using my tournament list and playing in the PI League, the day arrived and I entered the GREX X Wing Tournament. 

"Whisper" — TIE Phantom32
Veteran Instincts1
Fire-Control System2
Advanced Cloaking Device4
Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter12
Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter12
Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter12
Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter12
Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter12

The list was designed to take down Falcons as I was expecting them to come in droves owing to the heavy Phantom meta. Unfortunately for me, I did not meet a single Falcon build. Here are my 3 games.

Mark brought the new Rebel ACES which was released this week. I did not know what to expect so kept Whisper out of the battle for a very long time. Early game saw it swing in my favour when I managed to take down Gemmer but in response, Mark's Z95 swarm took down majority of of my Ties. I played quite badly and hemmed myself in losing Whisper and then the game.

2nd game saw me in the last table, no surprise there. Fought against a Bobba Fett mini swarm. My opponent got the initiative as we both were at 99. I wanted to gun straight for his Bobba early game so angled them towards his big ship. In the first contact, my opponent managed to kill off 2 Ties! A little unlucky. I then focussed down his Howlrunner taking it in return. Unfortunately that left him with 3 Ties and 1 Bobba. I was left with 3 Ties and the Phantom which was outside the game at the moment. He also gave Bobba VI, pushing Bobba up to PS10. Bobba managed to kill off Whisper and I proceeded to lose the game.

In my 3rd game I ended playing an Alpha Interceptor, Rexler Brath and Soontir. My opening moves were good allowing me to take out Rexler and then the Alpha Squadron. However, my opponent danced Soontir really well and he managed to outmanouvre Whisper, killing him in the process. I spent at least 30 minutes chasing him down with 3 other Ties but Soontir escaped with 1 Hull remaining. Closest game I had today
A few bad rolls but overall I felt I lose because I was not playing too well. The first game saw me taking a reactive seat, allowing Mark to run about. I should have capitalise on my higher mobility and constant fire power of 4 Attacks. Didn't help that I was a little sleepy as I was playing Space Hulk the night before till 1:30AM and woke up at 8:30AM.

It was a good day nonetheless. I managed to win the Lucky Draw netting me the Biggs Alternate Art Card which I traded for 2 Stress Tokens. I also have another Academy Pilot Alt Art card

I then got a message from PI letting me know that I also won 3rd position in the league, netting me another bag of Shield Tokens and Target Locks!

Thanks PI and Dale! 

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