Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wave Serpent 2 Update - Work in Progress

I had modified my first Wave Serpent awhile back  and was pleased with the results. The plan was to convert and update all 3 of my home brewed Wave Serpents with the new and improved fins, turrets and front side Hollow Fields. It was my interpretation of the Wave Serpent. 

I had mentioned prior that I did not like the antennae thing that was sticking out of the current Wave Serpent design and the turrets to me just looked too angular for a ship this sleek. Hence FW parts. 

Completed Serpent minus the paintjob

I stuck a  piece of Sheet Metal within the crew compartment, creating a recessed component for the turret to stick to

I then added a 5mm diameter magnet below the turret using super glue and modelling putty

The hull has seen some damage from the earlier use of the spoon heads. I filed it down with sandpaper and will be going back in to fill it up with liquid Greenstuff. It will be laborious but worth it. Alternatively I could just go with battle damage

Underside and turbo

This side has seen less damage as the glue did not eat too deep into the hull. I sanded this down with 600 and 1000 grade sandpaper

As it stands now. It even comes with the upgraded Shuriken Cannon. I am not a big fan of proxy so am trying my best to get a pure WYSIWYG army ASAP. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Oadius! Do come back for more posts and I start the airbrush work to update this really old model. I ain't no bandwagoner!

  2. Interesting reimagining...also a good way to get more Serpents from those Falcon kits that are on the shelves! ;)

    1. Thanks Tainly! More to come and looking forward to seeing you guys drop in from time to time!



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