Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sam's Corner: WIP: Ulthwe Eldar

Sam is beavering away at his usual corner. His collection looks to grow even further. Take it away Gamgee! 

Sam: I have started painting the pilot for my Wraithknight. Its been super fun so far as he comes alive with colors. I will be using him as the center from which will inspire the rest of the colors of the Ulthwe Wraithknight.

I decided to the wires and gems a similar color of glowing turquoise to simulate the psychic connection that powers the construct. Also painted his eyes in the same glowing tone of the psycho-connectors.

Side view of the wraithbone chair. I used a basecoat of Khemri Brown followed by a layer of Dheneb Stone. This was followed by a layer of Ushabti Bone.

I then mixed 70:30 ratio of White Scar with Ushabti Bone for the highlights. The recesses were then applied with a watered down wash of Sepia Wash.

The bluish glow of the tubes were painted using Sotek Green as a base. The a mix of Sotek Green and Temple Guard Blue. I layered on pure Temple Guard Blue on the inner/ center of the tubing and gems. Then I added white to the Temple Guard Blue for successive highlights.

Test fit again into the chest of the Wraithknight. I'll be priming the Wraithknight itself soon and also paint up the interior of the chest.

The List: I've come up with a list consisting of mostly Guardians at the core for the Ulthwe army. This would also fit their fluff of their armies being Guardian heavy. I did not give my Farseers any jetbikes as they are in the fluff too old to be zipping around on such steeds. I also did not include any Aspect Warriors at all as most of their Craftworld's people turn to the Path of the Seer.

Ulthwe Eldar Army List (1850 points)

1 Farseer XXXpts

1 Farseer XXXpts

3 Warlocks 1XXpts


10 Defender Guardians XXpts
Dedicated transport: 1 Wave Serpent (TL-Scatterlaser, Holofields) 145pts

10 Defender Guardians XXpts
Dedicated transport: 1 Wave Serpent (TL-Scatterlaser, Holofields) 145pts

10 Defender Guardians XXpts
Dedicated transport: 1 Wave Serpent (TL-Brightlance, Holofields) 145pts

8 Guardian Jetbikes 1XXpts
2 with Shuriken Cannons


3 Warwalkers 210pts
(3 Scatterlasers, 3 Brightlances)

1 Wraithlord 170pts
(1 Brightlance, 1 Missile Launcher)

1 Wraithknight 300pts
(Suncannon & Shimmershield, 1 Scatterlaser)

Total: 1846 points

I had to separate and place the Warlocks into each Guardian squad as a Seer Council of 2 Farseers and 3 Warlocks on foot would not survive too long in the open. This means my Farseers will be joining a Guardian squad each. However, if I do find my stash of Support Battery platforms I will definitely replace the Wraithlord with them. This means more Guardians as well :)

Hope to get them painted up a bit faster a their majority army color is black.

Have a great week ahead all!

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