Friday, February 7, 2014

Army Showcase - Tau with Daemon Allies

This is the first in the series called Army Showcase. In this series, I have asked each of the boys in the ABO Crew to come up with a 1850 list. This list can be either competitive or fluffy as each player has his preference of playstyle. Most of the boys are quite table friendly and will bring a good challenge to the table. 

Today, I present to you the Army Showcase for Patrick Poh. He is a regular tournament goer here in Singapore and has placed 1st in quite a number of tournaments here. He is builds competitive armies and has always stayed on top of the curve. 

1850 Army List - Taumon

Commander with Pen Chip, Multi Spectrum Suite,
Iridium Armor and dual flamers

Riptide with Early Warning Override, velocity trackers, Fusion Blaster and Ion Accelerator

Fire Warrior x6 in devilfish with Blacksun filter, disruption pod and SMS

Fire Warrior x6 in devilfish with Blacksun filter, disruption pod and SMS
Skyray with disruption pod and blacksun filter
3 Devilfishes

Sniper drones x 9 with 3 marksman

Kroot x10 with sniper rounds
Broadsides x3 with HYMP and Smart Missile System, with Early Warning Override
Daemons Allies 
Level 3 Herald of Tzeentch on Disc

Apparently Pink Horrors x 10

Flesh Hounds x 20

The Man Behind the Army

1. What was the main motivation behind the creation of this army? (Was it written after you read a particular book or you wrote this list to compete in a tournament?)
When I design an army before a tournament, I usually meta against two things, one is the general field of players and their armies, the other is the terrain that will be used at the event. I'm generally not a "bandwagoner", but rather oppose their use. With that, I came up with Tau-Daemon, which I called Taumon, I was never a fan of the Eldar so I won't touch Taudar.

2. How does this army play on the table? (e.g. sit back and shoot, aggressive)
Taumon is designed to compliment each others' weakness. Both are at the end of their respective spectrum in 40k in my opinion, as you might have guessed, Tau hold the line while the Daemons advance up mid field from Turn 1. The Hounds will be the priority target for most of the opponents, as they can charge on Turn 1 if placed correctly. With good positioning they can take less damage before they hit home. The Tau commander will babysit either the Broadsides or the Snipers, depending on which army I am facing.

Taumon in action against the Imperial Guard
3. How do you deal with death-stars such as the current meta has: Seer Council and the Screamer Council which comes to mind?
With this list, I can deal with Seer council, as they have to absorb the fire power first before they come in. Seer council players must also try their luck to get the power Fortune, otherwise it is not that good. If they venture too close, my Hounds will charge them first. Screamerstar is more dangerous. Tie them down if possible but in both cases, my Hounds might not be able to win, just slow them down.

4. In your opinion, which is the most point efficient unit or model in this army?
Point efficiency wise, I believe its the Hounds. They are worth their points for the fear factor alone. But all my Tau Heavy Support are designed to work in tandem with each other to take out certain things.

5. From a synergy point of view, which unit or model usually wins you games?
Believe it or not, The herald is the key in my list. I might switch to Daemon main and Tau ally if i want to.

Kroot Mercs blending into the terrain
6. We are constantly evolving our armies to adjust to the current gaming meta. What would you change based on the current Singapore 40k meta?
Nothing much actually.  In a competitive format, last minute objective grabbing/contesting units are now very important so I would probably add more of that. Going second has an interesting advantage in our local setting.

7. How long did it take you to put together this army from a modelling perspective?
My Daemon army took 4 months. I'm now at about 5,000 points while my Tau took 3 months to complete and it is still growing. So I actually had all the models i needed to build this list beforehand.

8. Any particular thing you would like to alter in this army (modelling wise)?
I would like to use Forgeworld miniatures as I prefer their look, especially Tau.

"I just love the look"
9. Which is your favourite model and why?
The Tau Commander, I just love the look.

10. What is your advice for new commanders who want to try to model an army after yours?
Take it slow I guess, read the codex and proxy your list out. With the ally matrix, there are a lot of combinations out there that you can try. Don't be discouraged if you try and lose. Play more and most importantly, have fun!

Thanks again Patrick and I do hope to play against this army soon with my Eldar which I hope to complete before the end of 2014. 

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