Sunday, March 12, 2017

One Hard Hitting Formation

So I've heard that this formation hits hard. Trying out something interesting for an upcoming tourney, I put together a list and then the starter models.

Started out with Eviscerators glued on the Marines before Marshall shared how shitty they are
So I plucked them off and magnetized them for future proofing!

I love working in bulk
An advantage of gluing and basing the minis is that the Primer forms a sealant which helps to seal in the basing materials (in my case sand and stones) from falling off.
I then hit them all together with a Flat Black Primer. Brand is Nippon
I keep having people tell me how important it is to use good primers. I don't think it's that critical IMHO. As long as the primer you use is not sprayed too close to your model, you should be alright. Remember to keep at least 1 feet or 30cm between your model and nozzle.

Unfortunately these models are extremely detailed so I work in 3's
I found that 3 is a good number if you are working on detailed models. Keeps me going as I get a sense of achievement from seeing them complete in a shorter time.

And then I broke out the Devastators which needed work too. Blocked in all the major parts in black,silver etc
There was a large bunch of Marines that were still not completed so I took out the airbrush and started batch painting in the evening. The only bad thing about doing this at night is that I realised my models were a little darker compared to my other batch that was painted in the morning. 
Airbrushing helps to save so much time but do try to do it in bright day light or bright lights

I had magnetized all my arms for the Eviscerators and I am glad I did. I eventually swapped them out for other options

Let's hope I pick up the right can when I top up that cup
More incoming! 

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