Monday, March 13, 2017

Tourney Prep - 1000 Point 2v2

So after preparing my army for the 2v2, I arranged for a game with Marshall, Lum and Melvin to give my army a good spin. I have never used the Skyhammer before and this would be my maiden game. Lum however is an experienced Skyhammer player and I learned quite a lot from the game with them. 

While Marshall wasn't in the true sense my partner for the tourney, he designed a list that he felt comfortable with that was balanced. It allowed me to see what worked for me too.
Marshall would capture the points while I was in their face
One quick lesson was that you always combat squad the Assault Marines when deep striking them into Intercept. That intercept template will easily wipe them out.

Another was that I should not have only 4 Grav Cannons in one unit of Devastators. 35 points per model, they were way too easily killed.

Interestingly enough, the Eviscerator actually worked in this game, killing the Stormsurge.

It became a bloody race to kill by mid game

With Lum eventually outnumbering me
We managed to win this game mainly because we got an early lead from the cards that we drew. However, I was more concerned over the viability of my list as the initial concept of it was to hit hard and draw the enemy into hammering down on my Marines. It did not have enough bodies and the upgraded Eviscerators soaked up too many points.

Came back and continued preparing more Marines

With only a week left, I really had to push out more Marines and fast
At this point, I was pushing out 3 to 6 Marines an evening as that was the only way I could finish in time. Note to self: do not wait till the last week

More hitting the table

I put those finished facing me to keep me motivated

And remagnetized all of the Eviscerator arms with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword
I also had to swap out the Plasma Guns and swap in a Power Sword for both my Assault Marine Sergeants. More work at the last hour. LOL!

Worst part was that I realised I was running short of my 2.5mm x 2.5mm magnets! Rummaging my magnet case, I found a stack of 2.5mm x 3mm magnets and I went to work with them, drilling deeper into the minis and hopefully not break the arms.

After finding the right parts, I magnetized them

While the arms were being primed, I started working on their bodies

This time working on more than 3 so I can finish in time

Always amazed how much a deadline can help push modelling progress

Focussed on the Devastators knowing that these models were complete

Airbrushed them arms

Only the arms left! 

Boom arms done! 
On Friday evening I took out my PVA glue and flocked the heck out of these Marines. All 40 of them! Packed them into the bag and I was ready to go. 

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