Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2v2 Tournament - Part 3: War with Friends

This would be the third installment of the series. 

Game 3

Final game was against Andrew and Melvin (the Lim variety). Another T&D member, this is like playing with our club mates! And what a difference it was. The atmosphere was relaxed, we were chilled and generally having a real good laugh as we brought out our models. There was a strong sense that this was gonna be a very chilled game. Little did we know our two opponents were in strong contention for 1st place! But this is what gaming should be like. Regardless of how well you are doing, it should always be in a state where all of us are happily working towards telling a good story. Thanks goes out to Andrew, Melvin and my Battle Brother Daryl for making this an excellent experience. 

Our opponents brought a Shield Generator and hid their Baneblade within that bubble

Going for the biggest threat, my Grav Marines went after the Baneblade
First breaking through the Shield Generator, I rolled a good amount of 6's which surprised all 4 of us. The Baneblade then went nova and took out a small number of the opponents' army - I thought I would have caused more damage but we were both pleased we managed to remove that threat early on.

However, on hind-sight I realised that I didn't have to drop my Grav Marines so close. I had 24" range but by deploying so close to their army, I was now in prime charge range of their entire Ravenwing force with Plasma guns etc. Yikes

By Turn 2, I barely had much left on the table as our opponents gunned me down pronto. 

Leaving Daryl wi the unenviable task of trying to outscore them
Despite the loss, this was probably the one game both Daryl and I enjoyed the most. So much that we unanimously declared them our most fun game in the Sportsmanship score.

The start of the day
Against a backdrop at the end of the day

After tabulating the scores, Andrew and Melvin emerged the victors! Congratulations!
Meanwhile, Chris and Gavin came in 2nd.

So we played both the Champ and Runner Up. Hah! We eventually scored 6th overall.

And then the organizers declared the Best Painted. Daryl and I had won Best Painted! Woohoo! 

Here are some photos taken with my phone and an SLR. 

There are some details that I still have to add to them

And I will snap another shot of the army once they are detailed. This time in a lightbox

Daryl's amazingly painted stuff

Apologies for the focus!

An army wide shot

Bagged a neat little voucher and bought myself a box of Deathwatch Bikers so supplement my Strikeforce. 

Would have loved a trophy but this will do too!
All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. Tiring and full of ups and downs but I enjoyed it overall. T&D is sure well represented! 

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