Sunday, March 5, 2017

Malifaux Updates

So I am still enamored by this game. The balance, the way the rules are written and the fluff has been amazing. It's just too bad that the pick up rate is quite slow but it's gaining momentum. Those who are sick of the morass of rules you have to thumb through to understand 40k at the competitive level will be fairly easily drawn into this game. Enter Malifaux.

So I've played a fair few games now with my Faction of choice: Outcasts. They are a bunch of Mercenaries that can pair up with any other faction, they hit HARD and can kill pretty well. With the recent release of Parker Barrows, the Faction now rounds out its cast allowing you to win without necessarily killing. I like that. Something different from 40k again. 

Such a characterful model
One of the best parts of Malifaux for me has been the lore. Think Guillermo DelToro meet Tim Burton. That's the universe you're playing in. Cool? Damn right!

In my usual style I build as many models as I can, prime them all and then hit them with a zenithal of white to create instant shade and highlights before applying really thin layers of paint.

One such afternoon later

Smaller model count means that I can really go to town with my crew and masters. Here is a selection for a recent tournament. 

Wide shot of the crew

This crew won me Best Painted! 

Unfortunately not all models were painted at the event - it's still growing! 

A good show of different Masters and Crew
Over time, we can expect the players to slowly paint their stuff and I am truly looking forward to more painted minis. Great game, great minis, now hopefully great paintjobs!

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