Sunday, April 2, 2017

Armies on Show at the 2v2 Tournament

Nothing quite replaces the spectacle of beautifully painted armies slugging it out on beautiful tables. There were some really good looking armies out there and I am sure was surprised at the quality of the work that some of these artists were churning out. I hope you will agree too! 

Benson's technique here is flawless coupled with a good color scheme, it is no wonder this army continues to attract attention

Just beautiful

Eldar of the Craftworld variety

Thrusting Wraithknight

Those are some nice Sorcerers

Death everywhere

Andrew painted! 

Mark's Spawn. That fella is creative

Someone painted this quite quickly but ended up in the hospital! 

This is an amazing shot, similar to that Dawn of War 3 video! 

This terrain was so unique and completed the table

Keith's slowpokes - he just plays really slowly....

Classic shot with IG tanks combing an imperial city

Jetbikes come hunting

Mark invested so much time into his conversions, unfortunately missing the deadline! 

Luminator in full effect as his force take on Jason and Mark
Check out Jason's previous post for more details on how this game

Gotta agree that this table just looked so ace

Demons everywhere! 

Benson's Tau just looks amazing

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