Thursday, October 29, 2015

First Tournament impressions: Last March of the Titans

I recently attended my very first tournament, the Last March of the Titans, and what a blast it was.

The event was part of the closing down of the our regular gaming haunt, which is really a pity, but everyone of us arrived with the clear intent of having fun in the remaining time.

I was trying to prove you could still be fairly competitive without a Decurion, so I ran a Necron Mephrit Dynasty Cohort. Bargelord, Night Scythes with Immortals inside, Wraiths, and a Transcendent Ctan. my opponents for the day ended up being Grey Knights, Ray's Tyranids, and Space Wolves.

First up was ZY's 2+ Grey Knights, with not a suit of power armour in sight. And here I left home without my AP2 lol. Predictable moment #1 of the day, I did next to no damage against his list, while he slaughtered his way through my bargelord and wraiths. Lessons learnt: Don't charge a bunch of AP3 Hammerhand terminators when they've got Force activated. Major loss for me.

We grabbed lunch and went back into the fray, this time I was up against my old nemesis Raymond. We had tested our lists against each other before, and so Ray spent what would have been list explaining time on deploying his hordes of minibugs. Predictable moment #2 of the day, we started 15 minutes late. Haha.

It was a relic mission, and I charged my Wraiths in to combat to claim it. Ray did the same with all of his small bugs, and it turned into a meat grinder as my Wraiths blended the small bugs one by one, unfortunately not claiming the relic. I lost my bargelord (again), but the game came down to a Kingslayer+Assasinate roll which gave me 6 points in total for killing his flyrant. Narrow win for me.

The final mission set me up against Tim's Space Wolves, which used two separate formations which gave them rerolls to hit and wound. Painful stuff if they were allowed to use it, but I chose to tarpit them and run for the objectives with my greater mobility. Managed to pull off a win, with my bargelord finally pulling in some points.

The final tally saw me end up with some points on the board, thanks to the last two games and a fluff quiz. Pretty fun stuff, and it definitely encouraged me to try out more tournaments. Next up, A Time of Legends! Hopefully it'll be as fun as The Last March.

Many thanks to Patrick, Lim Liang and all at TG for organising the event, and congratulations to the eventual winner Fauzi!

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