Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Batrep: 1500 Orks vs Blood Angels

Tourney prep in full swing. This time against Marshall and his Orks (with a few proxies)

3 Battlewagons, 1 Trukk, 1 Divebomma, 2 Copters and about 60 Boyz
My list was modified to test Mephiston again. I swapped out some Tactical Marines for Scouts and removed the upgrades on my Death Company. I also swapped out the Melta weapons on two of the Tactical units to Grav to allow this list better handle Wraithknights.

Primer done on the Tacticals and Priest.
Modified this list by including Scouts with Mephiston. They will be his extra wounds! LOL!

Hyper aggressive first turn
It was a Cleanse and Control Maelstrom mission. I went straight for the guts and stopped the Orks by sending my Pods into his backlines. That would open the Battlewagons and hopefully allow my units to do the mop up or kite.

Surprisingly it was the Gravguns that blew up the silver Battlewagon (proxy)

Spews out
Unfortunately for Marshall, I managed to roll 12 for my Death Company charge and managed to get them into combat. The ensuing combat saw the unit get destroyed.

Quick return fire

Tacticals were toast and running back to safety
The Orks hit back hard and wiped the Tactical units out forcing me to fall back.

In Turn 2 I sent in the Meltacide Assault Squad to attempt to open the other Battlewagon

Stormraven comes in to assist in taking out more Orks

Boyz managed to charge and kill off one biker
Marshall was reminding me that I was way too aggressive with my bikers. Will have to remember to dial it back a little

While another bunch of Boyz charge into my Tacs

There was some mulling at the garage

Man that Ork Bomba really hit hard. That bomb AP3 destroyed 2 Pods and a Tac Squad

Brought my Stormraven over to support this push
In a bid to try Wings of Sanguinus, I casted it on Mephiston only to read the text to find out that I cannot charge after using it.

And was killed by Nobs with Power Claws
I am finding that Mephiston is kinda crappy without his Iron Halo.

The Bomba came back in but majority of the Orks were gone

There was little left
The game was basically won by the Blood Angels at the 2 hour mark but lost at Turn 7. Oddly enough I can't remember how I lost. LOL! Selective memory.

Went home and broke open the box below. 

The astute of you will notice that I had the Sanguinary Guard completed for the game with Alan and may be wondering did I go back in time? LOL! It's because this post was prepared before the game with Alan but I failed to upload it in time! Sorry for the confusion!

So basically after this game with Orks, I tweaked my list to include the Sanguinary Guard and dropped Mephiston. Apologies for the confusion! 

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