Monday, October 19, 2015

Batrep: 1500 Blood Angels vs Eldar

So I managed to tweak my list even more since I last played with Marshall (vs Orks). This time I decided to drop Mephiston because I just don't think he earns his points back. 

My list now comprises the following:
Sanguinary Priest: Bike, Combo-grav, Auspex
Sanguinary Priest: Jump Pack, Bolter
Sanguinary Guard x5 - 4 Encarmine Swords, 1 PowerFist
Tactical Squad x10 - Meltagun, ComboMelta, Heavy Flamer in a Drop Pod
Tactical Squad x10 - Gravgun, ComboGrav, Heavy Flamer in a Drop Pod
Tactical Squad x5 - Lascannon in a Razorback with TL Assault Cannon
Assault Squad x5 - 2 Meltaguns, Combo Melta
Space Marine Bikers x3 - 2 Gravguns
Stormraven - TL Assault Cannons, TL Meltaguns

Managed to have them all WYSIWYG but not fully painted yet
The mission was a combined Eternal War and Maelstrom
Tactical Escalation mainly because we didn't seem to remember the secondary mission

I won the deployment and chose my side.
I also won and went first

I advanced my Bikes very aggressively to take shots at the Wraithknight but this didn't really pay itself back

Managed to do quite a lot of damage at the start and popped open the Wave Serpent with the Wraithguard scoring 1st Blood

In return I lost my Bikes due to the hyper aggressive deployment 

Charge my Sanguinary Guard in only to lose them

I just was not able to kill this thing

Blood Angel Turn 3
I drew the Skies of Fury which gave me a point if I managed to destroy a unit so dropped my Stormraven down to hover. Didn't manage to kill the Wave Serpent, even though I was firing from the back!

Lost the SR for the trouble
I was actually leading in points at the 2 hour mark and would have won if it was in actual tourney conditions (2hour time limit) but we played on.

I was basically losing more units faster

Leaving me with only a Drop Pod and a singular Marine
Unfortunately it was over. Alan managed to table me or was very close to. I decided to call the game at Turn 5. Moral victory for me knowing that this list can win with the time limit but disappointing that it cannot hold up in a full game.

Just a few more models to paint and I will have them tourney ready! 
I like the army. The army composition is balanced and I think it suits my style. Drop Pods do force my hand a little but it is nice to force the opponent to deal with my forward force while my other bits advance in 2/3rds of the table.

Now to paint them all up and ready for the next game! 

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