Friday, October 23, 2015

Batrep: 1850 Blood Angels vs Eldar - Game 2

With a little extra time on our hands, Alan and myself got a few beers and lunch. Set up for the next game by adding a few units to my 1850. I added units which I thought were successful in our previous game. So I brought in the unit of Tacticals x5 and its Razorback with TL Assault Cannon + Dozer Blade. Because this wasn't technically a tourney prep game (tourney coming up is 1500 and not 1850), I added my Forgeworld units. In came the Sicaran and Fire Raptor.

Mission was a combined of Big Guns Never Tire and Maelstrom Escalation. I managed to get first turn so deployed first. 

Deployment was quite cagey
Because the mission was Escalation, both of us decided to play extremely cagey to preserve them for when the actual missions started flowing in. It was critical to accomplish those in hand quickly as the turns grew on.

In a very uncharacteristic way, I chose to deploy on the Bastion
Until today I still do not agree with deploying vehicles on ruins/buildings. I wanted to see if it made any difference and the answer is a whopping no. It's unfluffy and is tactically silly. Unless of course LOS doesn't matter to the said vehicle, it still is bloody unfluffy!

Tactical misdeployed so Alan sent the Drop Pod all the way back
I tried for a strong drop deep into Alan's deployment zone but scattered off the table. Alan kindly placed my Pod in my own territory. Wootsause

Alan's deployment
My Tactical squad managed to pop open one of the Wave Serpents containing the Fire Dragons for First Blood

And in return, Alan destroyed the Marines

My Reserves turned up
The big issue with Drop Pod armies is that you have to really commit to the push or just risk losing the dropping units. That also forces me to commit to a particular way of playing and if this isn't really the way I want to play them, then maybe I should consider dropping the Drop Pods for a slower army. I still can't decide...

The Forgeworld units go to work

That's a Crimson Hunter!

This was a bold move but irritating as they could do Hit and Run! 

The FireRaptor went to work but between cover saves and lower threat targets, I'm not sure it's that useful here

Pushing into my backlines

Sitting on that terrain really limited my LOS

Pew pew


Basically Blood Angels lost again....boohooo story of my life....

Ah well, this was a post beer game so hahah! I had fun and so did Alan that is the most important. 

See you guys around! 

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