Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kill Team: Eldar vs Imperial Guard

Ever since I got my hands on the Kill Team ruleset, I have been wanting to try it out. The image of a small elite squad of infantry going out to undertake a desperate mission has narrative written all over it. Now, getting the right terrain and miniatures are important which we are a little lacking here. Both Defeng and myself took this chance to learn the rules but I thought I would put a short report up. 

This is the list I wrote for my Kill Team:

Type Nickname Kill Team Notes
Warp Spider The Reaper Leader
Warp Spider Exarch The Flenser Dirty Fighter Specialist: Fleshbane
Warp Spider The Weaponsmith Weapon Specialist: Master Crafted
Warp Spider    
Warp Spider    
Warp Spider    
Ranger The Gardener Weapon Specialist: Ignore Cover

Defeng brought a team comprising Storm Troopers (not the Star Wars kind) with Hot Shotguns (AP3!). We didn't plan against each other, just a chance for us to try out the game. I'll let the pics do the talking.

We rolled on the 6th mission, Supply Drop and had to chance each objective until we found the actual objective. We deployed the objectives out and then followed with our own armies. 
Hid most of the Rangers in terrain. With Move Through Cover and Stealth, it was impossible for him to move me

Anchored the right side of my flank with my Warp Spider characters

While Defeng brought a Chimera. He embarked his Warlord and 2 other men in that vehicle while the rest were in the ruins.

Moved out of the ruins to try to get into range

While I advanced my units up. Used my Warp Jump Generator sparingly as each double meant they die. 

Used cover as much as possible

Snipers took out most of the IG men in the open. Started glancing his Chimera using my Spiders

Sniper takes aim at the IG men hidden in the Fortress of Redemption

I would not chance my luck in the open! 

Managed to kill off Defeng's entire team. Yikes. 
This combination of units worked really well for me. Long range supported by mid-range units is just powerful. Try it! 

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