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Batrep 1850 Eldar vs Flesh Tearers

Turned out to be one of the biggest ABO gatherings in awhile. Sam who is the opponent today (and a very prolific painter for the blog) brought his Flesh Tearers. The other boys turned up as well: BeefNuggets, CrazyRat and Defeng. Marshall came in a little later. 

This time we played over at Titan Games, a new store located at the very heart of Bukit Merah Central. We had to pay for the tables but the place was nice and clean. Good management and nice all round fellas. 

On to the game proper. 

I brought the same list I played against Marshall in the previous report so I can keep painting and getting used to this list. Here it is:
Farseer: Mantle of the Laughing God, Runes of Witnessing, Witchblade, Jetbike [Warlord]
Farseer: Runes of Witnessing, Singing Spear, Jetbike
Fire Dragons x6: Wave Serpent - Holofields, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers (proxy), Shuriken Cannon (proxy)
Guardians x10: Wave Serpent - Holofields, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers (proxy), Shuriken Cannon (proxy)
Dire Avengers x10: Wave Serpent - Holofields, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers (proxy), Shuriken Cannon (proxy)
Windrider Jetbike x3
Windrider Jetbike x3
Warp Spiders x8
Warp Spiders x8
Fire Prism: Holo Fields
War Walker x3: Bright Lance (proxy), Scatter Laser
Sam fielded the following:
1 Chief Librarian Vladimir (counts as Mephiston)
1 Furioso Librarian Dreadnought
1 Brother Corbulo
10 Tactical Marines: Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Sgt w/ Power weapon, Rhino 50pts
10 Tactical Marines: Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Sgt w/ Power Weapon
10 Assault Marines (remove jump packs): Meltagun, Flamer, Sgt w/ Powerfist, Rhino 15pts
8 Death Company Marines: 2 w/power weapons, 1 power fist, Rhino
1 Death Company Dreadnought: Magna Grapple, Blood Talons
1 StormRaven Gunship (TL-Plasma Cannon, TL-Multi-melta) 
Mission: D6+2 objectives, we rolled 1 so had 3 objectives
Deployment: Dawn of War

Eldar Warlord Trait: Ambush of Blades
Psychic Powers:
Seer 1 (Warlord): Guide, Doom and Prescience
Seer 2: Guide, Doom and Prescience

Sam won the rolloff to deploy and chose to go first.

Sam's firebase with the Stormraven in reserve

My deployment with the Serpents screening my War Walkers

Mysterious objectives hidden in the building on the left, trench in the middle and right (servo skulls)
 I tried to seize the initiative but failed.

Turn1 Sam moved up his Rhinos but failed the first DT leaving the Rhino on the left immobilized! Shooting didn't do much as everything was out of range. 

Eldar Turn 1: Moved my stuff up cautiously, setting up some shooting. I blew up the immobilized Rhino carrying the Death Company. I then threw everything in my army at it 

And Sam saves EVERYTHING on 5+. No Death Co died

Battlefocussed my Spiders on the left away from the Flesh Tearers

Conga on the right supported by the other Seer with the Mantle

Turn 2 Flesh Tearers: Sam zoomed in the Stormraven

The Death Co advanced into the trenches. I had to stop this unit which can cause havoc in my lines

And in a show of bad luck, Sam rolled another 1 and this Rhino got immobilized!

Meanwhile Mephiston advances on the Spider on my right

After a hard round of shooting, Mephiston then charges into the poor Spiders, slaughtering them to the last man

Mephy then catches a breath by pulling back 3" - he actually look like he is holding onto the railing.

Turn 2 Eldar: My first reserves turn up so I sent them down the trench while the rest of the army advanced cautiously

Slapped down some psychic love-Doomed the Death Co. Jumped my remaining Spiders on the left into the building (they took a lot of shooting last turn with only 4 remaining). Also lost the turret on the Avenger Serpent. 

Pulled the Fire Prism back and pushed the other Serpents up by 6"

Disembarked my Guardians in the movement phase and in my shooting opened up everything I had on the right onto Mephy. Obliterated and collected a Gold Bar. Mephy really soaked up 2/3rd of my army firepower, leaving the rest of his army quite untouched.

Except for this lone Death Co as I destroyed all but one

The left flank now a little more secure

Turn 3 Flesh Tearers: Sam moves his Stormraven up in Swooping mode and forgets to disembark his Dreadnought. I gave him the choice but he declines. Such a gracious opponent. He disembarks his other Tactical into the trench, forcing me to give him the ground. Good move as this meant he had more ground to contest the objective in the trench

"Bring the xenos down!"

Turn 3 Eldar: I cast Guide and Prescience on most of my units

Advanced my Guardians closer to his Tacticals and made them a priority this turn by Dooming them

Doomed the Stormraven as well

Fire Dragons popped the Stormraven and out falls the Death Co Dread.

I then poured as much shooting as possible into the Death Co Dread, popping it open

And Sam being an awesome painter and modeller, created this! It has innards!

Managed to kill off most of the Tacticals bar one. Wow this was becoming a trend. 

Turn 4 Flesh Tearers: I reminded Sam about his Librarian Dread hiding in the ruins and he flew it out. FLYING DREADS?! That I did not expect! Dropped it right in front of my Dragons. Corbulo and gang had enough drinks hiding in the ruins now chose to enter the game. I think this is why Sam didn't manage to push me off the table. His army was coming at me in 2 waves. Should he have chosen to push in 1 wave, I would have crumbled

Corbulo and men run into the trench works

Librarian Dread and Death Co ate my Dragons up for breakfast. 

Turn 4 Eldar: I disembarked my Avengers (ASSEMBLE!) and surrounded the Death Co. Dropped my Warp Spiders on the left down to take on the Flesh Tearers. Sam DENIED my Doom on his Librarian Dread. I advanced the Guardians into the trench to take out the remaining Marine

Dire Avengers took out the Death Co and Battlefocussed to move them closer to the objective in the trench on the left. The Guardians on the right took out the Marine and Battlefocussed towards the other objective on the right. Moved my Jetbikes back as my last minute reserve to contest or steal the objective. 

Turn 5 Flesh Tearers: then Sam whips out his Flamer and toast the Guardians! Fleeeeee you foools!

The Librarian Dread then charged my Avengers

Avengers had no chance 

And was cut down in the pursuit move. =.=

Turn 5 Eldar: Moved my white Jetbikes on the left up to shoot at Corbulo and then dart back out to capture the objective in the ruins on the left. Casted a lot of psychic support

Advanced my Jetbikes to contest this other objective - this was a risk as there was a high chance the game could go on and my jetbikes would die.

Moved the jetbikes back to capture the objective
 We rolled for Turn 5 - or Melvin did and we had turn 5
Turn 5 Flesh Tearers: Sam moved them in after shooting the jetbikes and killed 2 of them

Last jetbike fled the scene
We did not play out Eldar Turn 5 as Sam conceded, concluding that he could not take the game. I held on to the objective in the ruin, earnt First Blood (Death Co Rhino) and Slay the Warlord.

This objective made all the difference, 3 points 

Corbulo couldn't capture but could contest.

Sam had this objective but I could contest with the lone Farseer 
It was a really enjoyable game. Sam's list is very aggressive and had elements that I really struggled to put down - Mephiston, Death Company and Corbulo. Wow they are hard to kill. Then of course there is the Death Co Dread and Librarian Dread who can both move really quickly and apply pressure in my side of the table.

And of course, his army is so beautifully painted. Looking forward to another game Sam! 

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