Monday, January 20, 2014

ABO Gathering & 3 Wraithknights

Had a mega blast this weekend with the boys of ABO! And to top it off, Sam brought a 3 Wraithknight list! Woot, looks bloody awesome on the table - almost like something out of Pacific Rim! Kaiju vs Jaeger! 

"Kaiju Level 3 spotted in the ruins" 

3 more Kaiju incoming!

Send in our smaller jaegers
Melvin set up 2 tables. While our table was very slow going, Sam and Marshall finished up from the game above - Pacific Rim style.

Pat came in a little later and brought an interesting list - Tau Daemons. Defeng was his sparring buddy.

I will be preparing the batrep between Melvin and myself. Hopefully be able to post soon! 

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