Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Warlock on Jetbike WIP

Managed to put some layers on my Warlock on jetbike. The one cool thing about working with Eldar models is that I get to spend quite a lot of time with it since my army is quite tiny compared to my Tyranids. Once the basic colours were on, I started working on some shading. 

After washing Ushabti Bone with Devlan Mud, I highlighted the carapace armour of the Warlock with Bleached Bone. 

Washed the underside with Devlan Mud after a few layers of Bleached Bone

Painted in the gems to see the contrast. I also worked in the chevrons on the tips to see if it worked. I like it at the moment
I find this really helps with my paint composition since I do not have a GW guide ready. On the subject of colour schemes, I have been struggling for the longest time. I want something unique for my army but I am not good with colours or art. I use references where I can. 

Looking at the colour wheel, I noticed that my original colour scheme didn't quite work. I needed to have more bright green as an accent colour and a good complimentary colour would be Bleached Bone. Moving forward, I am using the following as a guide:
  1. Primary colour: Warlock Purple
  2. Secondary colour: Bleached Bone and Chaos Black
  3. Accent colour: Scorpion Green
  4. Chevron marks using Bleached Bone and Chaos Black where possible.

Still lots of work but all worth it! 

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