Friday, July 5, 2013

Crimson Hunter WIP

This is an on-going series of articles as I continue to push out my Crimson Hunter. I have used Warlock Purple as my base over a white undercoat. It came out a little pink initially but after about 12 thin coats of Warlock Purple, the colours were about right. I may run a thin coat of Scab Red diluted into across the top just before I do the paneling later. 

Using a brush to get the basecoat on is time consuming. I really need an airbrush
This was done over the course of 3 days. I would basically do one thin coat, go off and build other models like the Dire Avengers you see above then come back and do another thin coat. Time consuming yes!

Base coated the underside with Dheneb Stone before I layer Bleached Bone over it

I started blocking out the other base colours including the black cockpit and chevrons on the wings. 
More updates to come in the next few days. Follow us! 

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