Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eldar Warlock on Jetbike Conversion

The next model on my desk is the Warlock or pack leader on jetbike. 

Going through my stash of models, I found one of the jetbikes missing the back pole. It must have snapped when I packed it away 10 years ago. Rummaging through my bits box, I came back with a banner from the High Elf White Lion kit which fit very well. 

The lion banner is amazing on the back of this jetbike
Now that the steed is done, it was straight to the rider. I wanted to create a unique Warlock but also one that I can use as a potential leader for the unit so I do not have to always field a Warlock.

Enter the Avenger Exarch parts. I used his body and Power Sword arm but swapped his head for the pilot head from the Wraithfighter, the smooth socketless helmet. It was perfect. It made this jetbiker look different but yet still close enough to the other such that he could be a pack leader if needed.

Smooth bald head

I always think that the Eldar jetbikes need a good banner to balance this model visually

The slight left turn of his head makes it visually more interesting. 
Now I have a question. For all your budding Eldar players out there, how do you stick your jetbikes on the poles? I know Fritz40k uses thick stems but I do like the transparent ones that come with our bikers. However, the stick makes it hard to transport.

Magnets to the underside of the jetbike maybe? Or do you just glue the stem on?

Please let me know! 


  1. Good stuff, man - excellent use for the wraithfighter bits!

    I just go with glued stems and careful handling. Some will inevitably break, at which point I'll usually go with an additional pin drilled into the clear plastic to repair 'em...

    1. Thanks Mordian!

      How do you transport your jetbikes?

    2. I go with battlefoam trays, with the models laid sideways rather than standing upright, and then 'secured' in place with kleenex to keep them from rattling around too much.



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