Monday, July 1, 2013

Eldar Crimson Hunter

Started working on my Eldar for my game vs You Cai AKA, the Crazyrat. He will bring his Tau and myself, my old long lost 40k army, the Eldar. 

While I have been collecting them since 3rd edition of 40k, most of the models have grown a little old so there is quite a number of new additions to the army. The good news is that majority of the models are still current for example the Guardians, the Warlocks, the tanks so I will be reusing them. 

Then in comes the new units such as the Crimson Hunter. I chose to magnetize the weapon options. I never knew that only the Exarch could arm the Crimson Hunter with Starcanons. A straightforward magnetization exercise. 

Built most of the craft up. Went straight for the Crimson Hunter option rather than the Wraithfighter as I needed anti-air

Magnetized the housing for the weapons and the actual weapons themselves

What the model looks like fully assembled

Smooth side profile. Wooosh
I will be basecoating it and then hit it with some good old Craftworld colours. For those who have not seem my Eldar, it may come as a surprise. I do however have to state that GW stole my scheme from 1998!

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